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  1. I use stuffit expander, mac edition: http://www.stuffit.com/mac-expander.html
  2. Well, I'd do this, I'd use buran with cupola mated on top of Node 2/3's CBM, then when docked to station I'd use shuttles canadarm to fix the cupola to the correct node port, then I'd use stations candarm to mate it to the right spot on the station.
  3. I'm not completely sure, but didn't we (US), do a sub(?)-orbital nuclear test?
  4. Well it can't walk across the entire station, the only segment on ROS that has a mount is Rassvet because it was installed from a shuttle. But I don't think it could support the entire arm with a payload..
  5. The really cool part about it which might not be possible in KSP, is that both sides of the arm are 'magnets', and can relocate themselves to different modules for different activities.
  6. Anyone else have issues with quest not having an airlock module or crew?
  7. One might note that quest does not have a crew capacity, so is pretty hard to use. To fix this just insert in the cfg (for people using pack, I know bobcat knows how): CrewCapacity = 2