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  1. Follow the My KSP OneDrive link in my sig, you'll find a 1.8.1 version there (in the beta section).
  2. @DMagic can speak with more authority on the matter, but because Universal Storage science parts use custom code they are very unlikely to be compatible with 3rd part science mods out of the box. In most cases the creators of those science mods would have to make changes on their end to work fully with Universal Storage. We have been talking to some mod authors about improved compatibility.
  3. Beta for this update isn't out yet, there's a lot to check and balance and I want to fix everything I know about before I hand a beta over for you to find the stuff I missed. I'll announce the beta here once it's ready.
  4. Yeah make a seperate part. You could look at the larger cores to reverse engineer how to have multiple sizes and multiple reloads, but cloning the part is definitely the easier option.
  5. Make sure you're using the latest version of the beta (currently RC7) you shouldn't be seeing the yellow lines.
  6. We had that bug before, in maybe 1.6 and fixed it. We'll take another look.
  7. No I need to update the website with the new numbers, also add the cargo wedge. I'll do that tonight. Odd, nothing has changed here and I'm using the right version of ModuleManager. I'll take a look tonight.
  8. Release candidate 5 uploaded to the beta site.!BPmqbLkW8UIH2aQjaY0fMwyaWq51AA?e=sfZjKsDsHESeq90bXIJ95Q&at=9 This includes Daishi's fixes above and the version for KSP 1.3.1
  9. I have uploaded release candidate 4 to the beta folder.!BPmqbLkW8UIH2aQjaY0fMwyaWq51AA?e=sfZjKsDsHESeq90bXIJ95Q&at=9 The plugin has been updated for KSP 1.8.x which fixes the issue with duplicate resource sliders appearing when changing part variants. This is due to a change in Unity for 1.8.x This also means that this version will only work in KSP 1.8.x and later so we have also released a version for 1.7.x, make sure you use the right one. Note this doesn't fix the issue with resource amounts resetting (to full) when reverting to the VAB, we're still working on that. In addition we now have the new part model for the Breaking Ground compatible cargo wedge (the placeholder we have in the earlier beta has been removed, so if you're using this in craft don't instal this version yet.
  10. Yep I noticed that too last night. I'll add it to the list, thanks for the confirmation. When I try to recreate the problem I revert to the VAB and the craft no longer retains the resource levels (the tanks are full up again). I'm doing more research on the issue but I imagine this issue and the multiple resource sliders issue are related.
  11. I hope whatever they pick it's moddable, but for that to work we need real units of some sort. Good luck converting EC into a real world unit.
  12. Anyone who has bought a bottle of coke in america has used the metric system, plus all those war movies where they're talking about klicks? That's a kilometer.
  13. KSP uses SI units for lots of measurements, except resources, which use poorly defined units, the worst examples being liquid fuel, oxidizer and electric charge. For a game with so much realisum and educational potential this seems like a missed trick. It also makes it harder for modders to balance their stuff (very noticeable with historical mods). Have resource units been discussed yet and will KSP 2 use SI units for everything?