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  1. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.4.x) 13th March 2018

    New Version Released Universal Storage for KSP 1.4 is released. There are no changes to the mod since the last release. The download on SpaceDock includes the latest versions of Community Resource Pack and Module Manager and the AVC file has been updated to 1.4 As always, if you find any issues please let me know here.
  2. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    But if the EULA specified that you agreed to transfer copyright of any files or content processed though PartTools (and I'm not saying that's what it says) then, if you agree to the ELUA the copyright would transfer or at least you would have a fight on your hands to suggest otherwise. I remember Pirates of the Burning Sea having a slimier situation with user created flags that could be submitted to the game and included as part of the standard (not modded) content. Ultimately I'm not in a position to speculate, which is why I'd like Squad to clarify these points for us. Based on take2's history with GTA and the assurances we got from Squad at time of acquisition, I think it's reasonably to expect some clarification.
  3. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Given Take2's history with modding announcements and the concerns expressed when the acquisition was announced it would have been better if Squad had covered some of the likely questions with the announcement. It's possible that Take2 didn't give them enough notice to do so? It would be great, if we could get some plain language explanation. I totally understand that they need to be able to legally distribute anything you publish to the forums or wiki because they are doing exactly that every time someone loads the page. I'm also pretty sure that content hosted elsewhere but linked to on here is not covered (Take2 don't own an exclusive right to the NASA logo just because I've linked to the image here) However mods created with PartTools absolutely needs some clarification. If I create a mod with PartTools does Take2 then own the IP of the 3d model which was processed though PartTools or do I retain the rights? One thing is for sure, I'm very happy we have Spacedock and are not relying on a Squad hosted mod repository.
  4. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Reading the licence, the line below would suggest to me (I'm not an expert) that anything you post in the forums, becomes the exclusive property of Take2 and you loose all right to it. Now, I understand that Take2 need rights to use and share anything you post on the forums or wiki because it's their website and they are distributing the content every time the page loads. But exclusive rights would suggest to me that if you upload a screen shot, then you can't use that same screen short on your own website, especially if that website is monetized in some way. I would think that linking to something, as opposed to uploading it would be OK because you haven't submitted anything (except maybe the link code), but some clarification would be good. Especially as this comes from a locked forum post with a lack of reassurance or confirmation and Take2's history with the modding community.
  5. [WIP] Universal Storage

    At this point you're just embarrassing Squad
  6. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Nice! Can you surface mount into the walls? On to the doors?
  7. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I don't think they need one. A heat shield can be placed underneath.
  8. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.4.x) 13th March 2018

    Yes it will work with all version of 1.3. We haven't had to make any changes for a while now, the KSP code base is pretty static. We will likely update Universal Storage to the final version when we release US2, it's unlikely to be supported after that because I'm sure everyone will want to use the new, better version. There will be some overlap though to allow people to carry on existing campaigns, or maybe install both to keep current designs working while allowing you to build new craft with the new parts.
  9. [WIP] Universal Storage

    That's a great idea,!
  10. [WIP] Universal Storage

    That is Epic!
  11. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.4.x) 13th March 2018

    My testing shows that US works perfectly with the latest patch. Let me know if you've found otherwise. Busy weekend with comic con, but I'll update the version check on Monday.
  12. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I've still got all the work from last time, pretty sure i can spreadsheet my way though this!
  13. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Weight, cost and processor rates are the things most likely to change. I'll include an optional balanced to realism (US1) values so people who want it can continue to use it.
  14. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.4.x) 13th March 2018

    The US parts are balanced based on their physical dimensions and how much resource can be stored in that space (allowing for compressibility of gasses). These are based off real world values where available. The result is that with recyclers, food is the limiting factor (which seems to be the story in real world isolated environments like space craft and submarines). With US 2, which will support Kerbalism, we're taking a slightly different approach and balancing against stock so everything works better in game. But I'll include optional real world balance for people who want to use it (all the hard work is already done). The biggest difference between the two approaches will be weight and cost as those are the two primary factors in a space craft.
  15. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I'm interested to know, would people prefer parts balanced to the game or to historical equivalents? As an example I can balance a fuel cell to the real systems from the various NASA programs or I can try and balance it against the fuel cells in stock. Same story with the tanks, I can use real world values for the volume of the tank or set it in line with stock parts. I already have a prefered option in my head but I'd be interested to know what other people think before settling on a solution.