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  1. [WIP] Universal Storage

    That is Epic!
  2. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    My testing shows that US works perfectly with the latest patch. Let me know if you've found otherwise. Busy weekend with comic con, but I'll update the version check on Monday.
  3. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I've still got all the work from last time, pretty sure i can spreadsheet my way though this!
  4. [WIP] Universal Storage

    Weight, cost and processor rates are the things most likely to change. I'll include an optional balanced to realism (US1) values so people who want it can continue to use it.
  5. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    The US parts are balanced based on their physical dimensions and how much resource can be stored in that space (allowing for compressibility of gasses). These are based off real world values where available. The result is that with recyclers, food is the limiting factor (which seems to be the story in real world isolated environments like space craft and submarines). With US 2, which will support Kerbalism, we're taking a slightly different approach and balancing against stock so everything works better in game. But I'll include optional real world balance for people who want to use it (all the hard work is already done). The biggest difference between the two approaches will be weight and cost as those are the two primary factors in a space craft.
  6. [WIP] Universal Storage

    I'm interested to know, would people prefer parts balanced to the game or to historical equivalents? As an example I can balance a fuel cell to the real systems from the various NASA programs or I can try and balance it against the fuel cells in stock. Same story with the tanks, I can use real world values for the volume of the tank or set it in line with stock parts. I already have a prefered option in my head but I'd be interested to know what other people think before settling on a solution.
  7. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    If anyone wants to see Universal Storage parts in action Quill18 is running though a modded KSP career game on youtube, featuring US and Dmagic Orbital Science mods among others. Highly recommended!
  8. [WIP] Universal Storage

    @Daishi I wonder if the system that created the cut away views for crewed compartments can be used to make parts of the shroud transparent? The system shows the IVA and you can't select anything inside, which would be different to parts hidden behind other parts which were then clickable. I'll dig around and see if I can find some information on how it works.
  9. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    Universal storage goo observation and orbital telescope observation parts are part of the @Dmagic orbital science mod, so I can't help you with those, but he should be able to.
  10. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    The parts haven't been renamed since before KSP V1.0, so I'm not sure how this happened. What version did you have before because US 1.3 is identical to US 1.2, the only difference being the version files for AVC.
  11. [WIP] Universal Storage

    If the models are completed then I'll do the rest and publish the mod, but at the moment Dashi is busy with other commitments, and I don't know if and when he'll come back to modding for KSP.
  12. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Have Take Two bought KSP (and presumably hired the existing dev team) or have they bought Squad (which I thought included a digital marketing business)?
  13. KScale64 v1.2.2 16th April 2017

    Don't know, I haven't tested with those mods. Give it a try and let us know what happens.
  14. Universal Storage (For KSP 1.3.x) 26th May 2017

    New version is up on Space Dock, however there are no changes, the current version works with KSP 1.3 as is. The only updates in the new version is to the AVC file, so if you use that and are annoyed by the out of date message by all means update, otherwise no need. I haven't done any testing with community tech tree so this may well make a difference. Have you tried without?
  15. KScale2 16th April 2017

    I don't have a mod that creates that scale, but there are a few others out there, I believe they are 10x scale not 11, but close enough. As has been said Sigma dimensions is really easy to use, you should be able to change a KScale config file yourself to work at any scale you like with the minimal of technical knowledge.