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  1. If everything was scaled 2x or 4x what it is now that would be fantastic, making SSTO more advanced and 2 stage mun landers more viable.
  2. I don't know. I would assume that the percentages are roughly the same. Squad and TakeTwo have that data though. If they've decided to focus on windows and consoles it's because they believe that's where the majority of the player base is.
  3. It's cost and market share. It costs money to develop and support a game on each platform, money that could be spent on other aspects of the game. There are far more people playing on consoles than there are on Linux so you're going to get more sales and more people enjoying KSP if you focus on Xbox and Playstation over Linux. They don't have infinite budget or time so it has to be spent where it's going to make the most difference and that's unlikely to be Linux. According to steam over 96% of users are an a flavour of windows. With those numbers it's very hard to convince someone to spend money on supporting OSx and Linux when they make up such a small percentage of the player base.
  4. Does that mean we'll still be able to do the sort of things that module manager allowed such as: Modify existing parts Load a part only if another mod is installed Apply logic and maths functions to parts
  5. Dush rings would be amazing. You wouldn't have to worry about collisions which would reduce the simulation load, but you could have cloud biomes for science experiments. Or if we can't have volumetric rings some shepherd moons would be great for science collection.
  6. I'm hoping that KSP2 will be more consistent with units used. KSP has plenty of real world units such as ISP and thrust, but it also has unknown units, such as fuel. Using SI units for everything will allow us to fully understand how everything is working and may make it easier to balance parts to each other and the scale of the solar system in game.
  7. Getting comfortable using the text filter at the top of the part list is a massive help when working with modded games. I found it much easier to find what I was looking for once I got int he habit of searching via text rather than scrolling.
  8. It'll be great if the game had modding support that makes n-body physics possible to implement well, but I'm not sure it would add to the gameplay. Orbital mechanics is hard enough as it is, adding the requirement for constant station keeping (either manually, or if automated the AI needs to be able to do it) would, I think put a lot of players off the game. If there was a way to simulate lagrange points that would be fantastic, and make 3 body physics could add some complexity without the overhead of n-body.
  9. Yep, they were deliberately designed that way. The goal was to minimize any mechanics reason for choosing one part over the other, but to make it an entirely looks / design choice. It's one of those things where there are as many solutions as there are people, balance is hard!
  10. If you want to add them to the tracker that would be great. I can't guarantee we'll make all your suggested changes, but we'll do our best to address the bugs / errors!
  11. I can reliably recreate this. I've added it to the issue tracker, we'll probably need @DMagic to take a look as I think it's an issue with the plugin.
  12. Can you be more specific as to what parts are broken and how they are broken?
  13. Right click the EVAx in the KIS window and select equip.