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  1. Even though I recognized some of the discrepancies you guys are talking about, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Like, I doubt CIA/FBI/government agents go into Mission Impossible or 007 movies and cringe at how unrealistic it is.
  2. I've had some pretty heavy stuff on that runway, and the only thing to make it explode has been a glitchy rover one time.
  3. A bit confused as to why this is in the General Discussion section. To me it just comes off as an ad for your mission reports thread. Build a base on Minmus.
  4. Munar eclipses occur so much because the Mun has zero inclination relative to Kerbin. They happen very frequently, but the first few times I saw them in game I was in awe as well.
  5. I've been play this game for a long, long time (Summer 2012). This is why I think I'm biased towards sandbox mode. Not sure if that makes sense, however I have never gotten into career mode because it feels too "grindy". I like the idea, and with the addition of contracts I may give it another try some time. That said, I'd much rather "simulate" my own space program. What I mean is start off with small projects (unmanned probes, simple single-seated rockets, etc.) and then get more complex as time goes on. If you followed my KAAST series of mission logs, you'd understand my play style (althou
  6. 1) Launch stage including boosters. 2) Jettison boosters. Main orbital insertion engine. 3) Transfer stage. 4) Return ship/lander separation from transfer. 5) Return home after lander completes mission.
  7. No way of knowing. Just wait until the update comes out.
  8. Hey I made a thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU9ZjH8tGqU
  9. Wow, great video. I'm showing this to anyone in the future whose curious about the game.
  10. I seem to go through "waves" of being addicted, with highs and lows. Every couple of months I just have to play something else. But then I rediscover KSP again and I'll have 10+ hour sessions every day for a week or so.
  11. By buying an inflatable globe. I'm friggin hilarious. How would you commit the perfect murder?
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