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  1. Welcome back chaps! Hope you are all fully refreshed and ready to go.
  2. True, but surely that's the fault of the modder not Squad.
  3. I'm surprised that no-one has posted here yet. There must be many players having a positive experience of 1.1.2. I myself am very pleased with the upgrade; no crashes and not noticed any bugs. Keep up the good work Squad.
  4. I use the KSP store; I've not seen a concurrent upload of Asteroid Day on the last couple of updates. I just copy across my original folder from the previous version. Where do I find this later version please?
  5. I was happily trolling along on Minmus when I noticed a black line cutting across the landscape. Didn't think much of it as I've seen similar before. However this was different as it actually tipped my rover over: Turned out it was like a step:
  6. I'd argue it's more than half the game. I've said it before, this game is turning into a flight simulator rather than a space game. The coming update only reinforces this. It's about time we got some space station parts, especially a larger "hitchhiker" type in the 3.75 metre group.
  7. They definitely should slide open with a little 'whoosh' sound.
  8. Very much GMT (my longitude is 0.0396° E) but currently on BST which is +1 hour.
  9. It appears I've rescued Donald and Daisy Duck:
  10. It's all down to the punchline of the old "how do you get to Carnegie Hall?" joke: “Practice, practice, practiceâ€Â
  11. Yes, the accuracy required isn't too great. You can eyeball the orbit. I once took two contracts because the orbits where similar, figuring I could complete both with one craft. The orbit paths where close but distinct from each other. Took the craft up and got a close match with one, 10s later both contracts completed.
  12. I have recently played two career games; in both I have rescued some 40+ Kerbals, all were female. I don't register the name when selecting a mission, my decision is just as and when needed or fits in with other missions. Something isn't right.
  13. Sounds like a poor joke aimed at belittling Americans - certainly facepalmable.
  14. Unmanned - Cassini/Huygens. The rings! a whole variety of moons, Titan, Methane lakes FFS! Manned - Apollo 15. First Lunar rover, driving over to Hadley Rille and looking over the edge, cool!