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  1. There were a LOT of changes made from Block I to Block II. And surprisingly there are a lot of different versions of the FDAI (even without accounting for the fact that the LEM and CM versions were different too). In fact just look at these two pictures and spot the difference (sorry for the poor quality of the Margaret Hamilton one... it's from a newspaper... and no, I have never been able to figure out why it's like that... my only thought it was a change between Block I and II). EDIT: The newspaper picture filename tells the whole story lol... She's sitting in Ap
  2. Actually the needles are orange. Fluorescent orange. The ball is off white and the flat horizon bar in the centre is fluorescent white. So even someone with red/green colour blindness can read it.
  3. Holy *Bleep*... THATS IT! (or the closest I’ve seen so far) The 4 is the correct one too which is what confirms it. Thanks a million. 6 years searching and I could just have looked on here. DOH! Off to download it now. Edit: Got it and its the one all right. When I saw you said Mil Spec I was imagining something like the spray one they use on all military containers of the time... not this stick font (which is perfect for engraving). There are several versions of the ball and some have rounded 3's which make it tough to choose... but I have always liked the look of
  4. Actually it’s nothing like Earth based artificial horizons. Those are made to show pitch, roll and includes slip and turn indicators. They have a small gyro inside the instrument itself that it uses to display pitch and roll. What took me a while to figure out is that the Apollo 8-Ball is a TRUE 3 axis instrument with the gyro located outside of the instrument because it’s much bigger and much more complicated. Just look up “Apollo IMU”. The inside of the Flight Director Attitude Indicator show pitch, roll and yaw as well as showing fly-to n
  5. I’m still working on my Real Navball Project to have a real 8-Ball to use with KSP but need to shout out to the greater KSP social group. you see I’ve been trying to find out what font was used on the ball itself and I think I’ve looked but just can’t find anything on the actual building of the FDAI/8-Ball whatsoever. Either it was filed under top secret or the CIA ordered it shredded like a lot of the stuff about Apollo (like the F1 engines). I’ve been looking for the past 6 years on and off to find this font. Does anyone know the font they actually used? I have made one c
  6. I just noticed something... I was looking for a reference shot of the original FDAI case when I spotted the original's tag... Wouldn't that make it an IAFD and not an FDAI... I wonder who changed the name... and were Honeywell peed off that they changed the name lol.
  7. Regarding the absolute angle sensor... it all works on a custom hall-effect chip. Use a diametrically magnetised magnet on the end of the axle and you can tell what angle the axle is at. Because the axle is actually going to have the two sides of the spheres attatched for the pitch access, the yaw access is going to be blocked by the motor on one side and the wires through the slip ring on the other and the final axle is just blocked by the slip ring on the one end and not having access to the other as it's going to be rotating... well the fix for it is... gears. Just take a pair of gears of t
  8. I think a lot of the duplication was to make sure the contacts actually kept in contact (as is the fact that while the ball is in motion and the spacecraft itself moving meant the connectors actually bounce leading to possible intermittent breaks in signal. Inside the ball are two motors and two angular resolvers (as in sensors that detect what angle the ball is at. I found that my incremental sensors were occasionally resetting to zero when the movement was rapid. The Block I command module only had a single 8-Ball and the astronauts weren't confident about the build quality of the hardware (
  9. Some of you oldtimers here will know that I have been working on building a working FDAI (Flight Director/Attitude Indicator - the Apollo 8-Ball) system since 2013... As I can only work during the summer months when my disability isn't playing up the progress has been sloooooooooow... but I'm actually getting closer to a prototype that is actually closer to the original Apollo Navball/8-Ball that I expected. You see I started out trying to use stepper motors... they worked, sort of, but the sheer bulk of them meant the damn ball was unbalanced. You also have a problem in that they draw a
  10. I was just checking to see if it was working as the version I was testing on was KSP 1.3.1 hehe.... it's just a stripped down KSP just used to test hardware/software communication... I went to upgrade to the latest version of KRPC and was worried when I didn't see an update since 1.4 and panicked a bit. I do want to have the thing working after all the money, research and time I've spent on the project.
  11. It's kind of essential if I want my Navball project to keep on progressing you see. I've just been busy working on the new design and build of the hardware and then get the data pulled of the game and passed to the Navball CPU when I have it working properly... but I don't really want to end up with an paperweight that just looks good. The good news is my last prototype worked... It just wasn't fast enough for me and could lag out if I got into a spin. I'm actually going ahead and building my own custom servos this year and want to see if that fixes the speed and overheating issues (oh y
  12. Got to wait for them to fix my missing expansion... all I see is Away With Words MK II darn it.
  13. Hey NeoMorph I saw in one of your threads years ago about returning the stupid mechjeb transparent menus back to GUI Gray.  How do I do this?  I also suffer with colorblindness and find the gray helpful.  Plus I find that stuff can actually be activated behind the transparent part of the mechjeb gui.  Also I am trying to write a macro based on a tiny screen sample of these transparent GUIs and if they are transparent that won't work!  Help!  Please!

  14. Actually that centre bit pops out, leaving a hole that you can then pop out the entire red area. The screws are hidden underneath. ... oh and I don't have one... I just have done an insane amount of research and hours of lying in bed thinking about how to do it. Doing 3d manipulation in my head is something that used to help me a lot during maths and the only thing that stops it is the morphine I have to take... so I've gritted my teeth and taken my dose late so that I can have a couple of hours of mental exercise... problem is that when I do that I get hyper... and if I answer on here I
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