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  1. YES! Thank you good sir! Thanks for trying. That's what I thought it was too, but it only had one option available. Thanks though.
  2. So I had to reinstall Windows on my system and I forgot to backup my KSP GameData folder (I hadn't got too far into the career so I figured I'd start new) and lost my TextureReplacer setup. I've got it mostly figured out, but there's one piece I can't find - the visors I had before. It was from a texture pack that had multiple different shades and opacities of visors, but I can't for the life of me find it. Would anybody know what one I'm talking about? I thought it also had the textures for what you actually see in the visor, but I'm not sure. I just know that I picked a gold, fairly clear visor that I can't seem to find anymore. It's not the visor from Pimp My Kerbals, but I'm not sure where I got them. Picture of them here:
  3. But your work is so good! Understandable though.
  4. So this is the mod causing my VAB to lock up randomly? It's not even on large ships, but even creating a new ship does it. Is there a forecast for when that bug might be fixed?
  5. I cannot wait for this. This is awesome. Good job Rich, and I can't wait to see a usable version of this in Telemachus!
  6. I concur Additionally, that Orbital Orb is gonna make an awesome set of escape pods! And it fits in nearly perfectly with the stock parts list! Love this mod!
  7. is there any possible way that you could add a map view overlay of biomes on bodies? Something kind of like kethane?
  8. What are the best texture packs to use? I know of, and looked at, /r/KSPtexturepacks, but the only really high-quality one there is the 8k pack, but from what I read, it isn't really complete. So, what packs do people recommend?
  9. Wow. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably send it up to space attached to a small RCS probe, throw two on the side of the interplanetary craft, and head to Laythe like that, keeping the RCS probes. I guess I should learn to dock
  10. Hey guys. I'm trying to make a rover/plane hybrid for Laythe. I'm planning an expedition with a kethane satellite, kethane base and a vehicle, and i'm thinking I could make some sort of rover/plane hybrid so I can explore the ground and the skies. Doesn't need to get to space, just needs to fly within the atmosphere. This is what I have right now, but I have no clue how I can get it into space and attach it to an interplanetary vessel in a way that I can drop it into the atmosphere without it breaking or floating away. Any ideas?
  11. This looks amazing! Any chance for a spaceport link? I find it easier to keep tabs on mods that use a spaceport page.
  12. Awesome mod! Any chance of a spaceport link? I find it easier to keep tabs on versions when mods have spaceport pages.
  13. Looks like you might want to shorten/sharpen the glow a little bit.
  14. While I'm not one for overpowered parts, this is great to use when you need to get something into orbit fast, for testing or for something you just want to show off. Also, nice work creating this. I would suggest, however, that if possible, you move the flames for the thrust further away. I'm not sure if you can even do this, but right now they look kinda funny. But all around, well done.
  15. Is there a way I could help? I'm not quite sure how, but I'd love to contribute, as I'm having this problem too.