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  1. I had actually addressed the resources in the previous aragraph to the one you quoted:
  2. Skipping over the frustration in this thread and going back to the OP: I agree career mode should be more, however budget will be introduced, as will contracts and reputation. Resources was one thing I was disappointed that had been shelved but I can see how it could just become a grind rather than fun. If i have to spend hours of gameplay to mine resources & build parts, so I can then launch a rocket to where I really want to go, then it's going to be really dull after one or maybe two times. I have wondered whether a limited space centre initially would be feasible and I'm not really sure how it could be done. Parts are already unlocked via research and I have a feeling once money comes in you will also have to pay to create unlocked parts - you can see there is an apparent part cost in the research tree. So, in terms of having building upgrades, I can imagine maybe having to build aircraft first to get research to unlock VAB - I'm rubbish at flying in this game I think it's due an overhaul too - maybe also having a shorter VAB to restrict rocket size. Possibly. I'm not really sold on this though. Certainly more parts suitable for building a space station would be great. I've used mod packs to get what I think are a few cool stations out around the system, however there are core game parts that you can launch and dock together in space to create a habitable structure. Admittedly it doesn't provide any benefits but it's cool to achieve it. As for a steady stream of science. This has been discussed to death and boils down to the fact that, if you have continuous science over time then you just hit time warp, gather all the research to unlock everything and that's basically derailed the progression. There are ways around this, however perhaps you might wish to look in some of those lengthy discussions. I'd love to see science stations in orbit. I hope they find a good way of implementing them. I can understand getting bored of the game. I'm 700 hours in and, even though I love the game, I'm in need of a break. I've not really touched ARM and I'm waiting for the next update before I get into it again - maybe even longer. I dont mind that though, I've already got my money's worth, anything more is a bonus!
  3. I like this idea! simple yet seems to satisfy the needs for multiple crew.
  4. I think the basis of our ideas is similar, however I object to the idea of 'speed[ing] up the mission'. To do things quicker in KSP I just time warp. It's a common issue that has come up in many conversations about research over time etc. My thoughts were to require certain kerbal skills/jobs to increase output per mission. So having no science kerbal would provide a reduced amount of science for certain science tasks for that mission, meaning you would need to repeat it (similar to transmission loss but hopefully more understandable). That way you can't simply time warp your way out of it. Having along more & varied crew would provide a greater cost/benefit ratio (if/when those concepts really exist)
  5. Yes this is a tricky one. I do like the idea that Kerbals have certain skills but obviously as you do everything then it sort of defeats the purpose. Perhaps you have to always have a pilot kerbal (otherwise you can't fly), but to get better science returns you need a scientist and for longer life support (when that arrives) you need a technician, so you can still do all missions with 1 kerbal but it's more efficient to use more? Or maybe something simpler, based on the idea that life support will make it in - small pods have limited life support, larger pods have more - but to use larger pods you need a larger crew.
  6. I like the idea, although rather than rotating the planet around so you can see where you intercept, how about a simple x marks the spot on the surface where you are likely to land? Basically the same that mechjeb does.
  7. Dare i say it but "there's a mod for that"! Check out ScanSat (no, really it's great for scanning) That said - it really do think that it should be a stock game feature to be able to scan for biomes and anomalies.
  8. It seems there's (as always!) a wide variation in whether people want uber simple or more difficult setups. Maybe, however many different resources there are included, there should be gameplay options to adjust the amount of resource used per time interval, like 1 air unit used per kerbal per day, rather than per hour, for example. Maybe even an option to disable a resource altogether.
  9. This isn't a bad idea, although it would have to be carefully done otherwise the process of gathering all science pots for all devices for each planet could turn into a boring grinding process rather than a fun thing to do. At this point I'm reserving any more science suggestions until we see how the currency/reputation system fits in beause this is likely to mix things up a bit.
  10. I'd be happy with something simple, as suggested, but I like the idea of having more parts with special functions, particularly for constructing space stations that are more than just hitch-hiker modules - like a waste recycler and a hydroponics lab for example
  11. None of the above! Well similar to C i guess. I don't see the point of having oxygen and CO2 because as one goes up the other goes down. It would just be showing the same thing in two different ways, which just seems needless. So I'd suggest just having CO2. I'd suggest 2 types of scrubber, a basic one that uses up some type of resource that needs resupplying, and an advanced regenerative one that requires no resupply. I think in terms of food and water, yes to both, plus waste (including both solid and liquid) and possibly 'fertilizer' (i'll explain in a sec). There could be two tiers of recycler, a basic one, which simply reclaims water from waste and dumps the rest, and an advanced one which is able to reclaim water and also turn the remaining solid waste into a fertilizer that can be used, along with water, in a special (large station component) hydroponics lab to produce food, allowing for a sustainable environment that needs little or no resupply. I think this gives a reasonable amount of life support without having to balance vast numbers of resources.
  12. I've created a windows batch file that does this. Code is below. Just paste it into a batch file, edit the SOURCE and DEST variables, and run it! Note that I have linked ALL folders except GameData and saves. If you don't want certain folders linked (as suggested by Eric S) either remove the line, or simply delete the link after it's been created. If you want to link the Saves then simply add that line in (I'm sure you can figure it out!) Also I'm not entirely sure whether the Extras folder exists in the stock game or if it was added by a mod I installed! Just remove the line if it's not stock! Hope that helps SET SOURCE=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program SET DEST=C:\Games\KSP Modded MKLINK /D "%DEST%\sounds" "%SOURCE%\sounds" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Ships" "%SOURCE%\Ships" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Extras" "%SOURCE%\Extras" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Screenshots" "%SOURCE%\Screenshots" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Internals" "%SOURCE%\Internals" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Resources" "%SOURCE%\Resources" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Plugins" "%SOURCE%\Plugins" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\KSP_Data" "%SOURCE%\KSP_Data" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\PluginData" "%SOURCE%\PluginData" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Launcher_Data" "%SOURCE%\Launcher_Data" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Parts" "%SOURCE%\Parts" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\Subassemblies" "%SOURCE%\Subassemblies" MKLINK /H "%DEST%\settings.cfg" "%SOURCE%\settings.cfg" MKLINK /H "%DEST%\MuMechLib.dll" "%SOURCE%\MuMechLib.dll" MKLINK /H "%DEST%\Launcher.exe" "%SOURCE%\Launcher.exe" MKLINK /H "%DEST%\KSP.exe" "%SOURCE%\KSP.exe" MKLINK /H "%DEST%\KSP.log" "%SOURCE%\KSP.log" MKDIR "%DEST%\GameData\" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\GameData\Squad" "%SOURCE%\GameData\Squad" MKDIR "%DEST%\saves" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\saves\training" "%SOURCE%\saves\training" MKLINK /D "%DEST%\saves\scenarios" "%SOURCE%\saves\scenarios" Pause
  13. I actually like the idea of multiple different trees (or perhaps linear paths) for the various component types so that you have a clearer tech progression.
  14. I think I understand what you mean, and it sounds potentially useful, but an example diagram or picture would be handy to visualise it properly...
  15. Well I think that the devs are probably expending a lot of time on the NASA Asteroid and KSP Edu components, understandably, as I expect this will increase their income making it easier to add in even more stock features. That's what I'm hoping anyway. I will happily 'put up' with the longer loading times and memory problems (when heavily modded) in the interim in the hope that these additional ventures will lead to an overall better final product.