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  1. I agree with this completely, for me it shows how squad is forgetting the hardcore gamer and now focusing on the new player. How they said the science system was sort of a tutorial rather than a challenge. Saying that the resource system was to complex and instedd opted to simplify it and then abandon it all together.
  2. You have no idea how often I forget to add duel lines...
  3. For me there are two phase in the game, one where you first play the game and have no clue how to build a rocket or orbital mechanics, and another later on where you you know exactly how to build an efficient rocket and know orbital mechanics like breathing. The first phase is fun at first and then it gets old because it always ends in the same ... EXPLOSIONS! I am not saying explosions are boring but they get old if it is every rocket launch, so you then decide to learn some basics and start going places and after a few days of going places you get things down and it becomes instinctual almost, that also gets boring after a while though because there is nothing new for you. (With the new RaD coming in 0.22 I think that will help remedy that as you have something to work towards) In conclusion I think you are coming to the end of phase two and beginning to feel nostalgia to want to experience the KSP experience again.
  4. I see you put your location as Colorado, and that you are a student, obviously a space fanatic. Out of curiosity I must ask, do you go to Boulder for something space related?


  5. I can't agree with this more, especially the solar panel, battery, and rtg decay as it would give missions I life span rather than you send a satellite up and it will continue to work for eternity. It could also be part of the tech tree so that when you start you can only build missions which will only work for less than a year and then progress until missions can last 20-25 years.
  6. I don't even want to know how many hours I have put into this game, but since I started at 0.16 about I would say at least 500 hours. After all that time I still haven't sent a kerbal to another planet just probes and rovers.
  7. I had started playing when I was thirteen and a half and taught myself to orbit with the help of Scott Manley, and now I can travel around the kerbol universe, but as the previous poster said the majority of our peers are too busy with games which should not even be called games for this game.
  8. Okay, I have quite a few orbits of choice 70km is where I put my first satellite network, 100km is where my refueling station is along with the general parking orbit for ships going to the Mün or beyond, 250km where another satellite network lies, 500km is where my general purpose station is, and finally at 550km is my final orbit where yet another satellite network lies. As you can tell I like to build satellite networks.
  9. Maybe a hard, medium and easy mode? In hard mode there is no revert flight button, in medium you can only revert after 10 minutes and in easy you can revert at any time.
  10. I have to say Rome Total War and Sim city 4 was what got me into computer gaming, both games I still play every now and then.
  11. I myself use the standard docking port as to me it makes my space stations more modular, but I do use the Sr. docking port for docking a lander or similar to a transport ship so it does not flail around wildly.
  12. I had a base at the south pole with in 0.19 with a rover and all but never found a thing besides snow.
  13. The reason I have Kerb as I is because it makes a good root word.
  14. For me speaking Spanish backwards just wasn't Kerbal enough.
  15. The Goal The goal is to compile the language of the kerbals. I hope to add roughly 5 words every day so that by this time next year is over there will be roughly 2000 words in the language. I hope to be able to hold a daily vote for a word so there is some input from the community on the creation of the language. Todays Vote: What will the name of the Kerbal language be: Kerbisk, Kerbad, Kerbilik, or Kerbif Current List of Words Pronouns I - Kerb Us/We - Kerbid You - Zerb Him/Her/It/She/He - Zerban Them/They - Zerbonok Articles A/An - Ik The - Iken