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  1. Nice! Do you have any more pictures of it?
  2. I see. I figured that might be the case. Thanks guys!
  3. What exactly is the benefit of circularizing an orbit before landing? Don't you use the same amount of Dv regardless? Or is there something I'm missing? Sorry for the noobish question and thanks in advance for any responses!
  4. So many boosters. I like the clean look of the shuttle too!
  5. Has anyone had luck with these? It's been a while since I've played and I'm wondering with these new updates if this kind of craft is viable? I'm limited right now with what I can access because I'm in career mode. Thanks for any feedback! Edit: It'd probably help to explain it a little x) Basically you strap a smaller vehicle on top of a plane then punch out to a high altitude and release the rocket on top. In theory it's a cost effective way to get payloads to orbit.
  6. Just ignore this one... computer messed up >.>
  7. So I managed to make an SSTO guys! ........... well kind of. It's just a gigantic freaking rocket that kind of forces it's way into space without much class. I give you the Jumbo! It has 40 Nuke engines, 4 Rhinos, and 6 Mammoth engines! As you can see by the album most of the Nukes exploded. Pilot negligence, I suppose >.> I'll post a link for download if anyone is interested.
  8. Both of those I've tried and I've gotten the same results :l
  9. So I'm building a rather large craft and when I came back to it today my symmetry was all wonky :l I would try to place a component and it would mirror and radial it around the part I was placing it on instead of the whole craft. I've tried toggling the around parent part and vessel keys but nothing seems to work... Any thoughts? Thanks for any help in advance.
  10. .24 update hits and requires a save wipe. All asteroid and asteroid debris become electronic garbage data. Animated rubber duckies attack the next poster.... by the trillions.
  11. Ah. Noted and noted. Redesign in progress. Thanks guys
  12. I'm just now getting into designing military vessels. Seeing the rest of the ships here, I feel scared :s V Anybody want to fight this? Or use it and tell me how well it performs? V It has manned fighters as well as drone fighters, although I feel the drone ones are the only ones that are useful. Far less cumbersome.
  13. You could make a boat? ;b Actually, if you go to the tracking station, Find bill in your list of active flights (If you have a bunch, right click the Kerbal looking icon along the top), then click recover and/or terminate.
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