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  1. Have to say Laythe, even thou my probe only did a pass by of it last night (for myself at least) as I see all that water and say,"Gee I cannot wait to pilot boats and subs on it. I wonder what type of fishies are on it too." Next up. Minmus. For the reason I have my first Kerbal colony started on it.
  2. Should save more often then I do. Like what I did for my probe around Jool. Ended the flight by mistake. Thankfully had a q save due to debating on weather to have a Laythe encounter or not for my ploar orbit (which did help get a nice straight up and down orbit around Jool) and the devs are getting rid of it in the next update. Should remember to save before returning to space center just in case I choose end flight by mistake once more.
  3. I have only edited ships in and parts out if they are causing a conflict.. Mainly to just to test the vehical out then they get deleted out. As I dont want to wait through the launch proccess every time.
  4. @Shania_L: I never had random fuel drain problems. The only ones I remember having was not having the fuel lines in the right order or enough of them or attached to a part that does not transfer fuel. But, it could be I have been lucky or it could be lag related.
  5. Well if you don't mind going with mods. I know there is a mod that auto balances the fuel. Don't recall the name. But, if I remember right. Been a while since I tried it. The fuel lines going back from the last to the next to last and so on. I would have try it. But, I cannot sleep.
  6. Go to main ship save area. hold "Crtl + a" then press Delete. But, in all seriousness. I try my best to name them for exactly what they do or are used for. Sadly we need a description area for our crafts. I like writing paragraphs. One thing I can suggest is write / type their description on paper / notepad (or what ever word program you like to use) and then Give the craft a TLA with at least one full word on what it does. Example: Lander KMmM, could stand for Lander for Kerbin Mimmus. I know it would require a bit more work. But, what else are you going to do to past the time while ones ships get in their burn zones. Also if you do try such. Get your TLA naming system down first and stick with it and dont change it. Hence the reason why I suggested on paper or print it out as it can be faster to look up then switching. As sometimes one can do sometimes do something foolish like over burn or forget to burn. On the plus side. One can then write / type out how successful or flawed the design was and what areas could need improvement or removal.
  7. One thing I can suggest is. Have core probe part as your first attachment. That way when trasnfering it over to VAB. You can then ditch the probe and leave behind the rover. Also when building off the probe. Make sure it is where you want to attach the docking port / decuplers. Example: If you want to attach detach from the bottom the probe needs to be there.
  8. Too little grip due to low gravity. But, anyways. If anyone wants to try them out. I posted the links. Wish it was the SpacePort. Just waiting for approval.
  9. Oh you people want it? I'll put it into my first post then. When I can.
  10. Here is one of mine dispite the fact I had the wheels on wrong as well as it not being wide enough, not removing the front wheels off the brake key, and to light for Minmus: Another way is to have it where the rover can drive off the lifter. I remember seeing someones thread they made for Duna doing exactly that. Basicly it was a box missing the sides where the rover could drive off of and the booster attacthed to the outside walls.
  11. Yeah. When they mantioned us being able to stick them anywhere for the up coming update. I thought the same thing too.
  12. Just goes to show myself and maybe others. That not all moons you will need wheels. At leas this is true for Minmus so far. Did try to use an Ion Drive. But, a single one does not give enough push. But, will put that one around Kerbin for December. =^.^= Edit: Well since I have no idea on how long it takes to get accepted at the space port. I'll use my website to speed up the process. Just save target as or open the link then cut and past the text to a new text doc. Just did not feel like zipping it.
  13. Oh. I have had that problem. It is called you are to top heavy and there is not enough support to support the weight above the barrels of fuel.
  14. Yeah. It can be normal as the physics on the first one are coming into effect as they are only rendered after 500 m )or was it 2500 m?). At least it seems like that for myself. Next thing would be if you had a quick save before landing the second one. Check and see if the first one had any part burried under ground too as well as to see if you have enough struts and the other thing it could be is that the higher the part count the lower the FPS will be which will make ships wobble more then they would normally at a higher FPS and then brake a part (which I think is the culprate). Reducing the detail level and see it it brakes then too.
  15. The area with the dockig port. The last decolper you fire is way to narrow. You can try adding more struts there as docking ports when being launched like to wiggle unlesss struted heavily in place.
  16. Also. The PB-NUK would also be useful instead of the static solar panal. Just in case your probe rover happens to be on the dark side of any planet or mün.
  17. There is a way to get them to open. Custom Commands. Just put the decupler and chutes all on the same number. They open immidately when decupling. And ah. So I need to stay within 2.5 km for my refuel pod for my Stock Jet boat. Or if you want just put the chutes on their own and remember to hit it before seperation if there is one.
  18. Yes. I ment one can get to the Sphere of Influance and then sit back and wait for the Mun to pass by and pull you closer and what I posted was how close one needed to be inorder to be affected by it. By knowing that. One does not really need to launch when Mun is over head, even though it does help. And from what I remember. The demo allows you 3 active missions. Would have to re-download the demo to make sure.
  19. The other thing others are forgetting to mention is. Let the Mun pull you in for free Delta-Vs. This happens around 4,500 km or less and it will take several passes to have the Mun reach you and then start pulling you in. It seems on the 3rd free pull you get the nose dive into the Mun if you headed east or if lucky a free ride out of Kerbin's influance. Not sure about when heading from the west. Sorry for the first post too. =^.^=