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  1. Ksp was running fine for me for a long time and all of the sudden, without making any changes to Gamedata or anything else, it just started getting stuck on loading boulder-co textures. Anyone know why? EDIT: Removing Active Texture Management stopped KSP from crashing when trying to load the textures. But now mods I have never had problems with before are suddenly failing to load? EDIT: Apparently Module Manager was preventing KSP from loading, I have no idea why, since it worked just fine a few days ago.
  2. Is there a mod that is compatible with 0.90 that allows me to change M/S to KM/H or MPH? I have no idea what 200 M/S for example is suppose to be, I'd much rather see 1,225 KM/H and know that I am going supersonic. -Thanks-
  3. Just so you know, I have successfully docked before, and I am currently building my 2nd Starburst Station. However most of the time, even when I get it within 0.5, (got 0.0 before) mostly when trying to get close with a giant fuel module, I am going way too fast, and I pass it completely. How do I prevent this from happening?
  4. This announcement was posted on 6 different forums. I am happy to announce that today is my birthday! Yay me! I am turning *
  5. hay everyone! I'm currently streaming KSP if anyone would like to join. Thanks for joining! Edit: Stream cancelled for now. RL Problems.
  6. This is my very first station ever, and my first time docking, I did it on my first try Docking is easy really, whats hard for me is tweaking to get close enough. Launched 4 rockets, the main core, the fuel module, the solar module, and the radio communications module: Tell me what you think ^-^
  7. Hay everyone! I just wanted to say that the lonely planet Dres, is my favorite planet in KSP. I love the giant canyons, and the way it looks. However, I feel like its missing something. I really wish Dres had a moon. I would love to look at Dres from its moon! It would be a small moon, like the size of Minmus. I don't really care what it looks like. Discuss.
  8. I made a planet I was hoping Squad would add, I worked hard on it, 3 days to get it perfect, (non stop by the way). Its called "Rahhu" Its a Desert planet, 60% Land and 40% water, no ice. 1.3x bigger than Kerbin. Here is a flat map of it: Let me know what you all think.