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  1. going to other planets will come.... eventually. just build a nice ship, get into an orbit around kerbin then set your planet as target and us manuver nodes to get your cloest aproach really close, so you can get an encounter. then ggo to the encounter kill your velocity and fall into an orbit, its easy
  2. So Jeb has been on the moon for about 11 years and i felt i needed to luanch a rescue probe.... as jeb was jetpacking to it... and it randomly tipped over has this ever happen to you? and yes my ship did land perfectly stabaly.... but no part of it is destroyed
  3. why? whats wrong with multiplayer
  4. solid fuel boosters are HIGHLY unrecommended for orbital mananours as you cant control their throtal, but they have their own fuel and they are powerful and if used correctly can aid you out of the athmoshphere of kerbin
  5. hello, i have been playing ksp and have built a fairly large rocket, however it keeps spinning even with perfectly lined struts and an asas, or even if i try with 100 sas my ship CANOT stop spinning. here is the ship file if you do not belive my struts are placed well http://www./?yx4bkygvb82tq9j if anyone knows of a mod that corrects ksp's aweful control please let me know. thanks in advanced anyone who helps P.S im sorry if it says i posted this twice, when i checked to see where my posy was apparantly i didnt post anything. im sorry!