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  1. Are there any chances we can get some shorter engines more suited to landing?
  2. Is the "prevent overheats" option compatible with the new NERVA engines? I've heard stories of people's engines exploding at half throttle.
  3. I mean glow (as in emit light due to heat) like the engine bells do as they heat up.
  4. Although we already have (and will) have a way to measure the temp of parts of our rocket, I think a quick way to visualize it would be parts glowing dull red like the engine bells of rockets.
  5. I dislike the barn because it seems to be over emphasizing the "kerbal" aspect of kerbals. They don't launch explosive barrels into space willy nilly. They launch explosive barrels into space in a relatively controlled fashion, no matter how many times "mission failure" is synonymous with "exploded on the launch pad"
  6. My craft is made of stock parts, but I have TAC life support? Will this mess up the file on your end? Because I have a wacky little plane I'd like to submit haha.
  7. Hold more fuel. Be shorter in height. Look cool. Do I win?
  8. I never use that stupid little rockomax engine that everybody loves so much. The fairings don't adapt to 1.25 meter for it which makes me sad.
  9. - Bribing OSHA official... - Pretending to take notes...
  10. I'd love to be the one Kerbal who I have drive the Karbonite fuel truck to the rocket so I can ship it up to my space station for refinement.
  11. I like to make big boxy, utilitarian vacuum only vessels, while anything that goes into the atmosphere has to be sleek and streamlined.
  12. I've done everything except for gravity assists, docking and precision landing.
  13. I like to use MJ for my rover trips, but I hate having to babysit it because sometimes it still flips over.
  14. I'm not too fond of the model, something about it seems off. I think it's the head shape.
  15. Thank you. You are truly a hero for mother russia. (And the cool cranes I will make)
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