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  1. I really missed this mod from my current install; thanks for reminding me of it, Squad. For my money, this is one of the best visual enhancements available for KSP. The effect is subtle, but really makes a difference to the feel of the graphics. And as Valerian says, there is minimal impact on your performance. Regards, Redstone.
  2. I had this same problem a while back: it turned out there was a discrepancy in my persistent file that could easily be fixed by running it through Mythos's Kerbal Markup Lister. Make a backup of the file first though, to be safe! Hope that helps, -Redstone.
  3. Felipe, I'm glad that you had the opportunity to develop your dream project, and bring us all along for the ride. Thank you, and I wish you all the best in your plans for the future. Don't be a stranger now!
  4. Sorry, you didn't say Laythe in your first post. Just use partial thrust, you will have lots of time with a high AP. Alternately, if you still have a save before you entered Laythe's Sphere of influence, focus on Laythe in map mode, and burn normal until your orbit passes over the pole and then circularise.
  5. Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! The best way (i.e., using least delta-v) is to boost your orbit up as high as you can, then make the plane change at apoapsis. Burn again at periapsis, and voila! You should now be in a polar orbit. This method may take longer, but as the plane change occurs when you are travelling more slowly, it uses less delta-v. -Redstone.
  6. Go back to the space centre, then go to the tracking station. Select the flight you have just finished, then click on the yellow "recover" button. Job's a good 'un! -Redstone.
  7. Scott manley (who else?) put up a video a while back on how to set up a three-satellite geosyncronous network off one launch vehicle - I used it to set up my own. Hope that helps, -Redstone
  8. It looks like the engine fairings are striking the other engines when they are jettisoned. Perhaps if you mounted the engines further apart - maybe around the main fuel tank - it would not happen. Mounting then radially would also mean that they will not gave the fairings attached upon launch, so that would not be a problem. **Edit: Whoops! Ninja'd!
  9. Try Minmus: It's not much harder to get to Delta-v wise, and the low gravity and steep hills make it more of a challenge to drive on.
  10. Thanks for the replies, chaps. I have a habit of clearing out my old saves from time to time, so I have nothing really spectacular to show at the moment. I am working on pseudo-realistic selection of rockets based around the stock parts; these will be used for a couple of fun projects in the future. Here's a little taster: http://imgur.com/Nsf8gcT Feel free to use it as a wallpaper etc. -Redstone
  11. As a long time player and forum lurker, I thought it was about time to say "hello" to you all. I'm impressed by the community of the game and look forward to adding my own voice to these forums. The name? Not only a reference to the USA's first manned rocket, but also to my Steam user name. Handy, eh?
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