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  1. Looks nice, I agree with your statement about not liking the solar panels sliding up, seems like you would see a lot of part clipping with the stack above it. Maybe make those panels not be solar panels and have them be a folding hinge to the sides? Kingtiger's Universal Storage has a really nice setup for opening and closing of panels, might take some inspiration from him? The 2.5m containers were the hinged doors I am thinking of.
  2. Problem solved, had a duplicate folder with the ECLSS parts in the gamedata folder.
  3. I tried the Dev build but ran into some issues in the VAB trying to attach the rescaled tanks. Going to give it another try tonight without any other mods installed to see what happens.
  4. In regards to the amount of O2 and CO2, Paul Kingtiger had made the below rebalance patch a while back. I was re-reading all of the discussion and it seemed that using the real world values of O2 storage in tanks would have rendered the mod mostly moot, so most people were interested in increasing the amount of 02 in the 2.5m tank since it only had 1300 units but graphically looked like it contained 12 of the 400 unit containers. Paul Kingtiger's Post
  5. Tried it out the hotfix with the craft I had the RCS problem yesterday, seems to be working fine now. Thanks! Any plans on adjusting how much Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide the 2.5m containers hold?
  6. I installed the latest release and I did encounter the RCS bug with EVA'ing. I am going to play with it a bit more to nail down the details and add it to the bug tracker.
  7. Tested your craft file. Your top radial orange tanks are not attached to the Girder like you would expect. I imagine that something went wrong with symmetry, either you attached the bottom tanks to the central tank first, or KSP decided to redo the connections. Either way, take the outer tanks off, attach the upper tanks first, then attach the lower tanks and strut them to the central tank. You are not going to be able to use the girder for the lower stage as KSP does not allow for more than one attach point(besides the strut).