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  1. A thing that mods can't do is making extra money for Squad, so they can continue to develop the base game and the KSP franchise. Only because of that reason we all should buy the DLC. Take my money, Squad!
  2. Optical space telescope Robot arm I think Hubble and the Shuttle robotic arm are very iconic spaceflight things so these should be in the game definitely.
  3. You're right that all the bug fixes are nice and sure are necessary, but in 1.2.2 personally I didn't encounter any big bugs... I'm literally still flying the same crafts that I've designed and could fly in 1.2.2.
  4. Are we getting close to any release? I mean, really, for those of who don't care about the localization it's been over a year since there has been any update to the game. New textures for old parts is great, but please tell us there will also be a proper balancing of the parts. Some of the part stats are so incredibly off (weights mainly), I'd consider KSP still an unfinished / beta game until that is fixed.
  5. Bump! Still love this craft and I'm regularly using it to fly missions all over the Kerbol system Still haven't really found anything that can be improved or updated! So the above is still the latest version that just works.
  6. Maybe it's getting time to actually release something... Since last year, 1.2, and when the old Dev's left, only localization has been added to the game, and I don't care about that. So basically development of the game has stalled since the dev's left.
  7. This. It would create a mixture between sandbox and career. Create your own goals and challenges, but still earn money and science.
  8. IMHO: The stock game still lacks some of the iconic things of space exploration, and also things 'to-do' in space: The robotic arm of the space-shuttle and possibility to assemble things in orbit, ability to launch and service a space-telescope (Hubble) and use it for observations, things to do while on EVA, the IVA's are added but completely useless from a gameplay point of view (clearly an unfinished part of the game), etc. Life support is IMHO also one of the crucial things in a space-program, equally important to (for example.) reentry heat. Clouds are still missing, Kerbin is comple
  9. How about first finishing the base game before adding DLC? The base game isn't even 1.0 worthy. At least balance the parts (stats, weights,etc) <- seriously, that's a couple of hours work... before starting to add new parts.
  10. For me, there is nothing in this update. I've never encountered any of the bugs that have been solved, and I'm perfectly fine with English (as a non-native English speaker, I think -everybody- should learn English, and games are one of the ways to learn English ) Can the next update actually add something for me (and many others like me...)? Think some actual content, like stock life-support, extra gas-giants or rocket-revamp/rebalancing... The stock game still feels very much unfinished.
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