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  1. I think this was suggested before , It would be very useful to be able to remove mis-awarded custom ribbons. If not possible then maybe a list of the codes so it can be done manually ?
  2. Nereid i have playing around with some custom ribbon designs. For example, half width .png's for lesser achievements like walking on Kerbin. (and extra width ones for momentous achievements) Currently this leaves a gap in the ribbon display panel. It is possible in the coding that you could set an overall set width for each row of four and allow the individual ribbons to just have a set height only? For those that make irregular width custom ribbons it would sometimes make the right-side edge jagged but i don't think it would effect the standard display. Anyway no biggie if its complicated or impossible or is a wormcan opener. i can live with the gaps. Fabulous work so far
  3. hi Jpkerman What about using similar positions as described here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronaut_ranks_and_positions
  4. Neried. I have a game play workaround for this in case its simply not possible to differentiate "KAS docking" from real docking. Before kerbals under my management have clearance to perform any EVA salvage, repair, resupply or maintenance they must have already earned their EVA technician qualification via real docking.
  5. Hi Guys i have 2.2b running. One of my Kerbals (name withheld) was recently fraudulently awarded with the first docking in orbit ribbon. It was discovered that he had merely repositioned a thermometer in orbit on eva using a KAS screwdriver. Management are obviously keen to strip him of the ill gotten citation and were wondering if anyone on the forums knew how this could be done?
  6. Thanks Nereid for updating so fast.. Loading it now. Agree with C monk . Rookie is an apt term. A rookie is a person in his or her first year of a sport, or someone who is new to a profession, training or activity such as a rookie police officer, rookie pilot, a recruit (wikipedia)
  7. Excellent work Nereid you deserve a medal! Me, my Mac and my team of Kerbals are all eagerly waiting with baited breath for the 0.1.6c path fix. Took the decision to reboot career mode yesterday to use this mod. Faffing around on Kerbin in the meantime.
  8. Hi guys ! I'm just curious how many posts until you are allowed to set an avatar for the KSP forums?
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