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  1. I think that nasa should try harder to find more advanced radiation shielding, as current radiation protection is not very good at coping with the high energy radiation in space; cosmic rays and such. Im pretty sure people are already working on that, but it is really an important step in the road to manned interplanetary missions. It doesn't matter if we can build rockets big enough to get men to and from another planet, if they will all die from some radiation induced illness, ie radiation poisoning, or cancer or whatnot. And this technology wouldn't only be useful in space, it would be usef
  2. I would like to point out the fact that my written language skills suck, (as if you couldn't tell), so most of what you're reading is not what im meaning, so some of my correct statements seem realy quite wrong just because of how I conveyed it, so sorry about that, (I am working on this). First of all, water does work as a radiation shield, however Is a horrible idea. Shielding capabilities are not directly linked to mass, meaning that 1000Kg of water has far less shielding than 1000Kg of lead, and takes up a hell of a lot more space, so I would tend to agree with the majority of professional
  3. It seems that quite a few people here have no idea what they're on about, (but to be honest I don't either, but yea) I see a few people thinking that It would be easy to land on phobos...which to some extent may be true, but from what I can gather, it would be absolutly rediculously way too hard, due to the fact that It doen't have an atmosphere, so slowing down enough for a landing would require far too much fuel. Even landing on mars will require quite a sophisticated landing system, since mars' atmosphere is too thin for just parachutes...even the curiosity rover had a 3 (around that amount
  4. One way to raise the money for this would be for America to stop making pennies (Ive never been to america, but I would expect that no one would use them, as no one uses the 10c coins in new zealand, so why would anyone use a 1c coin)..they each cost 1.7 cents to produce, meaning a loss of $1billion per year, this wont do it all, but it will help. Also the reason I said lead before, was because thats what a guy from nasa said in a video I watched, and I know it works (from personal experience in radiation shielding (this sounds cool, lol, but is kinda an exageration, really, it was maybe a 1 h
  5. I think the problem with the radiation, is not so much the slight overall increase, its more the fact that if a solar flare flares (not sure how to word that), then the radiation from that causes death within a couple days (or somewhere in the order of magnitude), which is disastrous.
  6. Ok so I have been seeing, posts, on these forums, as well as various other websites, with people complaining about why we havn't had a manned mission to mars yet..we got to the moon, in the sixties, in a tin can, surely we can go to mars, we have rovers in mars, why not men, so I would like to say some reasons as to why we aren't there yet, and welcome anyone who can give ideas on how we can get there Let's begin... First of all, the trip to mars is approximately 8.5 months i believe, and in order to return, the astronauts must wait there for 26 months for the launch window for a 8.5 month ret
  7. (do you want the best settings as in to work fastest, or to look the best?) well this is to the best of my knowledge "max physics delta-time per frame" under general...is the amount of effort that goes into physics, (not sure about specifics) but setting the slider to the left is for less processing power, so better frames, and as to the right is better physics, but can kill your computer (unless it kicks ass), I personally have it set to far left, and it works great and in graphics...scenery and rendering seem pretty straight forward, and in video, "anti-aliasing" I think has something to do
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