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  1. Issue seems to be missing tweakscale interaction plugin in the MFT release. Taniwha needs to supply it built for the latest MFT, then it should work! Link to NathanKell identifying the issue in the MFT thread
  2. Hi, I am having issues with the interaction to ModularFuelTanks. They are not scaling when using tweakscale (parts are scaling, bot not the volume). I have re-installed both MFT and Tweakscale (since the newest versions state that they should support each other) but still no luck. In the help text in the OP it states: "Modular Fuel Tanks and Real Fuels are supported via TweakScale_ModularFuelTanks and TweakScale_RealFuels." However, the TweakScale_ModularFuelTanks.cfg seems to be missing. looking at the ScaleExponents.cfg, there is a section for RealFuels: TWEAKSCALEEXPONENTS { name = RealFuels.ModuleFuelTanks basemass = 3 basemassPV = 3 totalVolume = 3 volume = 3 fuelList { amount = 3 maxAmount = 3 } } There is however no section for MFT without Realfuels. (or should that be covered by the same section as for RF?) I have also noted that in the RealFuels download, there is a TweakScale_RealFuels.dll. No such file is present for the MFT download. could this be the culprit? I realize this issue may be as much of an MFT issue as a TweakScale issue, but since they should support each other I was hoping I could get some help to sort this out. Thanks!
  3. Could not agree more, please no "add K to every word"-sillyness.
  4. Use trigonometry! (the truss can be simplified as a triangle) The angle should be a multiple of 30 degrees (since the sum of the angles in a triangle =180 ==> one corner is 60 and then half of that is 30) if it is 30, 60, 110 or 140 degrees offset depends on how KSP has the coordinate system. The exact coordinate can be calculated using pythagoras theorem and some simple algebra Finally you will have some "real world" use for the algebra and trigonometry from school.
  5. I have added screenshots and log of the issue on the github thread.
  6. I have the same issue, nothing happends when clicking the buttons to change size, etc. Have updated to modulemanager 1.5.7, but still same problem.
  7. Glad to hear it! The flight computer was a nice idea, but I can imagine it introducing a lot more complexity to the mod then really is needed. In this way, you still get the uplink requirement, (wich requires some planning and a lot of satelites), but gets rid of the bugginess and complexities of the signal delay/flight computer. The uplink requirement has, atleast for me always been the main appeal with the RT-mod. Great choice Cliph, and glad to hear the mod is back in development!
  8. Try using aerobraking in Jool's atmosphere, if you do it right, you can get an orbit around jool without using hardly any delta V at all. By carefully choosing aerobraking depth, you can even make the resulting orbit end up with an apoapsis at the same height as Laythe and then just wait a few orbits for an encounter (after raising periapsis out of the Jool atmosphere). If your timing is right you can even manage a direct capture to Laythe orbit directly after the Jool aerobrake. To find the correct aerobraking altitude at Jool atmosphere you can either use these charts: A handy chart for Aerocapture at Jool, use trial and error by quicksaving and quickloading, or use the aerobraking calculator included in MechJeb. And using a Mun assist to escape Kerbin is almost never "cheaper" than doing the burn directly in low Kerbin orbit due to the oberth effect (higher speed lower in gravity well => each m/s Dv spent will affect your orbit more, thus saving you fuel)
  9. That is one nice looking launchpad! I think it should be a very heavy beast to put into orbit and land thou... Establishing a construction facility offworld should be hard! In my opinion: 50+ tonnes atleast! I haven't tested the mod yet, but 5 t for a mobile launchpad feels a bit too easy to move around.
  10. http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/1eieb4/i_present_the_long_and_convoluted_rescue_of_orbas/ Guy on ksp subreddit posted this... Three-man capsule and successfull rescue of stranded kerbal!
  11. Thanks for solving this! I recently also installed the docking cam (and a bunch of other mods at the same time), and have been experiencing up to a couple of minutes for loading vessels (going from VAB to launch pad, switching from tracking station and so on). It wasn't that slow from the beginning but got progressively worse, despite changing and lowering settings. Was preparing to start from a clean install and reinstall mods one by one to identify the culprit. Now I hopefully wont have to, Thanks! To uninstall the Lazor mod, do I need to do restore the original model files for the docking ports aswell, or will it just work by deleating the plugin data? (lazor-readme said it should work, but you never know.)
  12. Try changing your perspektive (look at the rocket from the top instead of from the side and vice versa.) Then shift-klick on the rocket and drag the entire thing around. Certain perspectives sometimes only let you move in one dimension, so changing perspective might help.