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  1. Check this release: https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer/releases/tag/v4.4-alpha.1 I added TextureMap node in config (see @Default.cfg) where you can map textures. I hope this suffices to achieve what you described.
  2. Visor shader without reflection support. I think there is no suitable built-in shader in KSP to meet all requirements: transparent, specular, textured and with shaded visor working (new for KSP 1.11), so I added a stripped-down version of reflective visor shader.
  3. No. I must update the reflective visor shader to support shaded/gold visor. Currently, you either have reflections and textured visor or the shaded visor working (if you disable reflections), but not both.
  4. Look again. It's exactly what you want. Unless you're using TR < 4.2.
  5. Not really, there are still 2 scene reloads necessary when you change suit type in TR. I don't know why and how to fix it, but KSP picks us the new model only after the second scene load. The clothes hanger obviously uses some other trick to switch suits.
  6. Actually, it's an old bug. Both clothes hanger and TR change can suit type and it can lead to conflicts. It's listed first under Known Issues.
  7. Yes, just delete `GameData/TextureReplacer/Skins/TR` and `GameData/TextureReplacer/TR.cfg`
  8. Do you mean with KSP <1.6? Yes, but you need to use an older TR version, which was built for your KSP version.
  9. I forgot to release/publish it. Fixed. Fixed in TR 4.1.2. I'm fixing it.
  10. Upload your logs, there might be some clue. Are you sure you have Making History installed correctly?
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