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  1. Yes, just delete `GameData/TextureReplacer/Skins/TR` and `GameData/TextureReplacer/TR.cfg`
  2. Do you mean with KSP <1.6? Yes, but you need to use an older TR version, which was built for your KSP version.
  3. I forgot to release/publish it. Fixed. Fixed in TR 4.1.2. I'm fixing it.
  4. Upload your logs, there might be some clue. Are you sure you have Making History installed correctly?
  5. Jaw jitter "should" be fixed in TR 4.1.
  6. @Jiraiyah Yes, I was talking about standard suits. @DrLrdTrt What do you mean by "EVA scenario"? Could you upload your logs? @pmborg Each texture needs to be inside its own directory and named "kerbalHead". See README or the bundled texture pack.
  7. @pmborg you only replaced the default head, which is not used in game, unless there are no available heads in `Heads/` directory. Either delete `Heads/` or customise all the heads. Here are ate sources: @Poodmund Ok, I'll think about it and maybe add it in some future version. @Neevenzz Just enable them in TR GUI in Space Centre screen. @Jiraiyah @Mordrehl I think all (or at least vast majority of) suits in OP are pre-KSP-1.6, so they don't fit on the current models. A small change was made again for 1.7 for helmet removal. If you look closely you can see there are some artefacts around neck when wearing standard IVA suits (the bright orange one and light-gray-blue one) with the collar removed. Unfortunately Squad haven't fixed them as they cannot appear without collar in the stock game.
  8. Looks like you're using DX10 extensions which are not supported by KSP. You have to use the older, DX9-compatible formats. No. It uses the first one that is loaded, which is by its path inside `GameData/` sorted as with `strcmp()`. You can look into KSP.log to see in which order the textures are loaded.
  9. Could you upload your logs? Do you have any additional config files and textures in TR directory?
  10. @VoidSquid I don't think there could be any difference. First, twitching is caused by oscillating FPS caused by rendering reflections and this probably cannot be fixed in shader. Second, @Tentei Venser just recompiled my shader for a newer version of Unity without changing it, as far as I can see from his posts, so I'm pretty certain switching shader cannot possibly fix twitching.
  11. Try this: TR crashed during loading because it tried to access EVA models from Making Histroy or Breaking Ground and you don't have at least one of these DLCs.
  12. @caipi what installation of AVP are you using? I just unpacked 2K textures from AVP to my GameData and it worked. Installation via CKAN also works for me.
  13. Do you use Windows + OpenGL? Try these shaders. If they don't work, I'm out of ideas how to build Windows OpenGL shaders in Unity. There is no config file for skybox. And it works just fine, probably you don't have it in the correct directory or textures are not named correctly. Set head to Generic/Unset in GUI to use randomisation.
  14. Some settings from config files are only applied to the newly created games. Use GUI in Space Centre screen to change per-Kerbal and class suit assignments in existing scenarios. Looks like TR is crashing during personalisation. It would be great if I could reproduce this bug. Could you upload a minimal test case to trigger it? I.e. contents of TR folder (suits, skins and configuration), logs would also be appreciated. I wasn't aware of EVAjetpackEmissive texture. I could try to implement that. TR doesn't perform any emissive texture replacements. Only diffuse (albedo) and normal maps. I can look into it if it can be implemented. I actually didn't test head normal maps, so it's no surprise if they don't work correctly. What you're describing also worked in TR ... once.