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  1. No. But you can do it for one set. Put normal map for that set into Default/ and remove them from individual folders. Suits without normal maps will inherit them from Default/.
  2. I'm still here, but I don't play KSP (much) any more, and I'm busy with other things ... I kinda lost motivation. I was investigating how to replace Kerbal model, but didn't get far. First, it's a modelling challenge, because you need to make a model that perfectly matches original Kerbal model regarding node hierarchy, skeleton ... so the animations and ragdoll physics is able to correctly manipulate it. I one tried to replace a kerbonaut with a mechanic and it was a mess, half of the model was missing, there were spikes sticking out of the model and dancing around when it was walking, hands a few metres away ... because skeletons probably didn't match. Making a replacement for the original Kerbal model is far beyond my skills. First you need a skilled 3D designer to make a new model with perfectly matching node hierarchy and then a modder to somehow import the model into the game. I don't know how to do either.
  3. I'm a bit rusty about that, but as far as I remember, there are two textures for emissive parts: the base texture and the emission texture. When the emission is active, the emission texture is added (or blended?) to the base texture. The problem is the ambiguity of the alpha channel in the base texture, there a whole mess about it in Unity. "(Bumped) Specular" and emissive shader treat it as an information about how shiny the part is in the specific pixel. "(Bumped) Diffuse" shader ignores it. Transparency shaders threat is as information about transparency in specific pixel. Stock (Unity's) reflective shader understands it as how reflective a part in specific pixel is ... But what if you want to adjust per pixel transparency AND shininness AND reflectiveness? So that problem arises when you want to create shaders with multiple special features, like reflectiveness + emission. Usually, game engines use a whole additional texture or two for such purpose. E.g. my game engine uses an additional "mask" texture which defines per-pixel shininness (red channel), emission (green) and reflection (blue). And alpha in the base texture means exactly what it is primarily meant for: transparency.
  4. No, currently there's no shader that would render reflections and emission at a time as far as I know. Maybe someone makes a mod to add such shader.
  5. KSPRC Since you obviously understand the source code, you could create a patch, right?
  6. Oops, you're right, keepLoaded.
  7. Yes, add it to keepReadable.
  8. It probably uses some special shaders, since it has to generate/tile texture depending on the size of a fairing. TR's texture replacement is done for a general case, and usually breaks when some "magic" is done with that texture.
  9. Python is only needed to run conversion on the whole GameData directory. You can also run `img2dds` from the command line to convert a single image like: img2dds -vcm path/to/image Run `img2dds` without parameters for description of all options.
  10. Dimensions are not powers of 2. Should be 4096 x 2048. And what texture compression are you using? Only DXT1 and DXT5 are supported by KSP. Uncompressed textures are not supported. What's not compatible? All texture packs except some very ancient ones (I think the structure for texture packs last changed in TR 1.4). There are also some issues with TGA images from KSP 0.24 or 0.25 on, so if you find TGA textures in a pack convert them to DDS (normal maps need special treatment so you best use some texture conversion tool specialised for KSP, e.g.
  11. Maybe that's when reflections are being generated. Does changing `reflectionInterval` make a difference? Removing which CFG file? Removing `@Default.cfg` shouldn't have direct effect on reflections, it usually contains the default settings that don't change anything. Unless something else is the problem, e.g. some issues with texture compression and unloading. Check the log if there are any errors.
  12. Probably, some time. I currently don't play KSP nor have time to develop TR, so don't expect anything except critical fixes from my side for a at least a few months from now. Luckily for you, @RangeMachine is currently working on fixing visor reflections. If I remember correctly, reflection shaders (from Unity) use alpha channel as reflection intensity. If this doesn't work try to tweak reflection colour in TRReflection module. Probably yes, you must just find out names of textures you want to replace and put images with same names into `GameData/TextureReplacer/Default/` directory. Set `logTextures` to true in @Default.cfg and TR will dump list of replaceable textures (in a scene) to KSP.log on each scene switch.
  13. Have you tried disabling texture compression or mipmap generation in TR? Maybe you need to add directories of those mods to keepLoaded list? Because TR was built for KSP 1.1. I don't think there could be any issues on 1.1.2, it's only a bugfix release. Files containing normal maps should be named the same as the original ones. If the original model doesn't have a normal map, I don't think you can add it without rebuilding the model ( in Unity editor. @MisterFister Yes, it's squares. Secondly, you can install multiple heads and suit packs in parallel, there should be no problems as long as two packs don't contain a texture with the same name to overwrite each other. Actually I recommend using a separate subdirectory of `Heads/` or `Suits/` for each texture pack to avoid such conflicts. Note that adding new texture packs changes randomisation, so Kerbals with randomly assigned heads and suits will get new ones in most cases.
  14. TR has been updated for KSP 1.1 by me (based on RangeMachine's patch), and it's official version 2.4.13, I just haven't updated the title of this thread yet, because I didn't realise KSP 1.1 is officially out already. You can get it on Course and GitHub, it's tagged as Beta and Pre-release respectively.
  15. Hello! I would like to ask you to do Texture Replacer for KSP 1.1? I've been waiting for. And yes, in polednie versions do not go out of fashion texture planets KSPRC, sadly. Do please, so went again.

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