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  1. You have to change it in the game, not in global settings (isVisorReflectionEnabled is only initial setting for new games, it gets overridden by game setting later which you can change from GUI in Space Centre screen). As I experimented, I only got shaking at reflectionInterval >= 3. On some values (I think 2) there were glitches in ragdoll physics ... The only way to completely avoid al reflection-related issues is to disable them.
  2. C'mon is does nobody look a page or two back the thread? Now, I'm really tired of explaining it why it happens and how to fix it (no, there's no way to fix it without other adverse effects).
  3. They had to be extracted through GPU (rendered into a FBO and exported as a PNG). Yes, they were changed because of a new model and collar removal. Because of the latter, I recommend you to base suit textures for the standard suit on the EVA texture, since Squad only fixed EVA texture to work with hidden collar. There are some artefacts around neck if you hide collar on the standard IVA suits (orange and light-blue ones).
  5. I guess this is the same issue described in the following post? I guess the problem isn't in the shader code, since it works fine on Linux and probably macOS which both use OpenGL. There used to be some problems when running TR with OpenGL on Windows some years ago because only Direct3D shaders were build for Windows. But back then there was completely different way how shaders were build. So, I guess OpenGL Core Profile shaders are not built into Windows assets. Last time I was building shader assets I didn't find any option to manually set which variants to build for each platform, so I'm not sure how to fix this. No. Too much work and duplicated maintenance ... unless you do it yourself. Yeah, new models and the TR module that replaces EVA textures is not bound to them. I'll fix this once I buy that DLC. It's already included in TR, at least a newer version (more skin tones, more hair colours and fixed texture mappings for female models that were added in KSP 1.0). You can get GIMP XCF file that includes components of these textures in separate layers and can make your own head variants: When Squad created new suits in 1.6, texture mappings of the default (non-vintage) suit changed, so the old suits work don't work any more ...
  6. The "inconsistency" probably comes from different texture formats (PNG/JPEG vs. DDS).
  7. UV layout never changed. Only directory hierarchy is different (TR < 3..0, TR >= 3.0 and TRR have each different directory layout and naming for head textures). Maybe you compared female textures? In KSP before 1.0 there were no females, so males were retextured to females, female head textures were made to map on male models. Later, either you needed new female textures that mapped to the new female models or enabled "legacyFemales" option that converted all females into males (it remembered sex in TR settings, so it was reversible). That way you could still use old texture packs. I removed "legacyFemales" option somewhere in 3.x. The female heads included in recent versions of TR were originally made by @Sylith for male models, but I re-stretched them to fit on the female models.
  8. I used to be (almost) inactive for a few years (I almost didn't play KSP any more, I only checked forum from time to time, so I also lost interest in updating TextureReplacer). First, @RangeMachine and then @HaArLiNsH continued TextureReplaced development. I started playing KSP again occasionally about a year ago and I wasn't happy with the direction where TRR has gone. I was looking to simplify TR, to throw away redundant features or features nobody uses, as the code was already messy enough -- full of workarounds for bugs and inconsistencies in stock Kerbal models, handling of various special cases etc. TRR has even significantly increased complexity of the mod. During my absence, I was working on a new TR version, which I certainly preferred over TRR, and later released it as TR 3.0. This, of cause, caused some confusion and @HaArLiNsH decided there's no point in maintaining two competing and incompatible forks of TR and ceased development of his TRR.
  9. No, I only know how to do it in Gimp.
  10. Keeping `EnvMap/` shouldn't break anything, it's just that it's a dead weight. Head textures must now be in subdirectories, just like suits. Male head texture must be named `kerbalHead` and female `kerbalGirl_06_BaseColor` (look at OP or the textures that come with TR). Yes, transparency channel carries information about specular component for lighting.
  11. Sorry, I cannot reproduce your issue. Can you send me an exact .craft file where the issues can be seen? And what OS do you use? Do you launch KSP with any additional parameters, line -force-opengl? No, nothing regarding skyboxes changed in years. p. s. Just tested it, works perfectly, you just don't need EnvMap directory.
  12. It's a timing issue. No matter how I set relectionInterval, there are always some downsides. That's the least evil of them all IMO. Only disabling reflections completely fixes it.
  13. It's everything in the README and OP, how to name them and where to put them .If you still don't know check some texture pack. No suit textures come with this mod. It just that Squat hasn't fixed stock IVA textures for the neck ring and so that there are artefact around necks when using them outside. Upload your logs. Maybe, if I'll have too much time.
  14. One more thing: use EVA suit as the basis because IVA suits have some artefacts around neck when you remove neck ring. Unfortunately, Squad only updated EVA suit texture for the new ring-less models in KSP 1.6. There are no issues with vintage suits as they never have (or had) neck rings.