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  1. You're right. TR has already been added to CKAN by RangeMachine (his fork), so that's probably the reason why my 3.1 update wasn't accepted.
  2. Reflections work in TR 3.1, but not for visors. I haven't merged RangeMachine's changes (yet). Honestly, I don't know how to compile Unity asset files, I never done that before, and I don't even have Unity installed right now ...
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. To replace the icons, not Kerbals in the game? I don't think that's possible with TR, UI textures cannot be replaced the same way as 3D model textures.
  4. @Angel-125 BUG report: mipmaps are missing in
  5. Version 3.1 has been released. It has all KSP 1.1+ specific issues fixed except visor reflections. The latter require a custom shader I currently don't have time to develop (a lot has changed in Unity since I last compiled the visor shader and I also forgot most of that craft ...). 3.x releases also include a lot of code refactoring and reogranisation that was happening on devel branch during the last two years. Although not publicly active I have been privately maintaining TR, occasionally when I played KSP now nad then. Heads directory has been renamed to Skins and reorganised so it now works the same way as Suits. Ie. each head in its own directory and textures names are the same as internally used in KSP. Hence, female heads are derived from texture names rather than using configuration files. The head texture is not the only Kerbal-specific texture, KSC crew also has a separate texture for arms, so that's the reason for renaming the directory to Skins, if I (or someone else) eventually implement personalisation of KSC Kerbals.
  6. No. But you can do it for one set. Put normal map for that set into Default/ and remove them from individual folders. Suits without normal maps will inherit them from Default/.
  7. I'm still here, but I don't play KSP (much) any more, and I'm busy with other things ... I kinda lost motivation. I was investigating how to replace Kerbal model, but didn't get far. First, it's a modelling challenge, because you need to make a model that perfectly matches original Kerbal model regarding node hierarchy, skeleton ... so the animations and ragdoll physics is able to correctly manipulate it. I one tried to replace a kerbonaut with a mechanic and it was a mess, half of the model was missing, there were spikes sticking out of the model and dancing around when it was walking, hands a few metres away ... because skeletons probably didn't match. Making a replacement for the original Kerbal model is far beyond my skills. First you need a skilled 3D designer to make a new model with perfectly matching node hierarchy and then a modder to somehow import the model into the game. I don't know how to do either.
  8. I'm a bit rusty about that, but as far as I remember, there are two textures for emissive parts: the base texture and the emission texture. When the emission is active, the emission texture is added (or blended?) to the base texture. The problem is the ambiguity of the alpha channel in the base texture, there a whole mess about it in Unity. "(Bumped) Specular" and emissive shader treat it as an information about how shiny the part is in the specific pixel. "(Bumped) Diffuse" shader ignores it. Transparency shaders threat is as information about transparency in specific pixel. Stock (Unity's) reflective shader understands it as how reflective a part in specific pixel is ... But what if you want to adjust per pixel transparency AND shininness AND reflectiveness? So that problem arises when you want to create shaders with multiple special features, like reflectiveness + emission. Usually, game engines use a whole additional texture or two for such purpose. E.g. my game engine uses an additional "mask" texture which defines per-pixel shininness (red channel), emission (green) and reflection (blue). And alpha in the base texture means exactly what it is primarily meant for: transparency.
  9. No, currently there's no shader that would render reflections and emission at a time as far as I know. Maybe someone makes a mod to add such shader.
  10. KSPRC Since you obviously understand the source code, you could create a patch, right?
  11. Oops, you're right, keepLoaded.
  12. Yes, add it to keepReadable.
  13. It probably uses some special shaders, since it has to generate/tile texture depending on the size of a fairing. TR's texture replacement is done for a general case, and usually breaks when some "magic" is done with that texture.
  14. Python is only needed to run conversion on the whole GameData directory. You can also run `img2dds` from the command line to convert a single image like: img2dds -vcm path/to/image Run `img2dds` without parameters for description of all options.