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  1. You're obviously using wrong texture for your suit type (you have vintage suit but the texture is for the standard suit). Vintage and standard suits are not compatible texture-wise. Yeah, if you change between standard and vintage suit on mission, you have to reload the scene once more. I haven't yet found a fix for this one. Anyway, it's a minor issue. Edit visor texture and set alpha to 100%. No. Just edit visor texture for each of your suits.
  3. Probably texture mapping is missing or is wrong (probably hard or impossible to fix this -- eyes were obviously not meant to be textured). I only tested it with 1x1 textures to apply uniform colours to eyes.
  4. You mean if I disable SM crew transfer in SM settings? Just tested it yesterday. At first, it still used SM transfers despite disabling them in SM settings. Only after I also unchecked override stock transfers and restarted KSP it reverted back to stock transfers.
  5. It's because SM doesn't re-instantiate internal spaces on change, like stock behaviour. I'm afraid there's no clean way to fix this in TR, and I'm not going back to old, frame-based hacks that were in use in early versions of TR.
  6. I think windows assets don't contain visor shader compiled for OpenGL.
  7. I guess this doesn't happen if you omit -force-glcore? I don't understand what you want to tell here. Do you actually have a suit named `whiteSuite_diffuse` or is this a mistake? It's the name of the default EVA suit TEXTURE.
  8. I tested it with TR 3.4 (the development version) and it seems to be fixed. Could you also check it yourself? Well, several texture packs are based on the original textures (or even contain textures ripped from KSP) and Squad hasn't ever took action.
  9. Fixed in the last development version (same link).
  10. No, this is EVA helmet removal, I was talking about IVA helmet removal, while Kerbals are INSIDE a capsule. TR used to automatically hide helmets when a vessel was landed or in a stable orbit. Of course this only had affect for capsules that didn't hide helmets by default.
  11. Fixed in development version.
  12. That's the correct behaviour because there's only one suit available for randomisation. Set all non-veteran Kerbals' suits to "Default".
  13. Set logKerbalHierarchy = true in Custom.cfg (or @Default.cfg), launch KSP and then check KSP.log. If you want to replace textures, just use the standard names (see README), it will work. Yes, it's still EVAvisor. Preferably DDS (DXT5 compression with mipmaps). The first token must be head, suit follows: Jebediah Kerban = GENERIC whiteSuite_diffuse.
  14. I know, will be fixed in TR 3.4 (development version).