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  1. AFAIK UI textures generally cannot be replaced, because they are not assigned to materials but rendered directly.
  2. Head textures, yes. You have to install separately anything else.
  3. I noticed it too, maybe I'll look into it next week. Just change suit type in the stock menu (texture doesn't matter, just the suit type).
  4. The shader didn't load. Either it's missing (you didn't extract the whole TR archive) or you use some exotic OS/graphics API combination.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwtzqv484r57j64/builtin-suits.zip?dl=0 You can also rip them yourself from the game, just type in texture names at the bottom field in TR GUI. The texture names can be found by dumping Kerbal hierarchy to the log (you can enable it in a configuration file).
  6. No, it's not possible to disable reflections (any more). Strange that tiny bug annoys you so much, considering how buggy KSP is
  7. I think it should work just fine if you copy them between .sfs files (they are at the end). Just make sure the destination .sfs scenario is fresh, with no missions ever started. If you also want to preserve TR head/suit assignments also copy TRScenario section. If you use suit personalisation, you should assign suits in the TR UI, not in the stock suit selector UI. Try to first select the suits and then make additional scene switch (e.g. go to VAB and again to space centre view) before launching. Reverting the flight shouldn't reset the suits now.
  8. It's not just mirroring. pre-1.5 suits just don't fit on the newer models.
  9. Check this release: https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer/releases/tag/v4.4-alpha.1 I added TextureMap node in config (see @Default.cfg) where you can map textures. I hope this suffices to achieve what you described.
  10. Visor shader without reflection support. I think there is no suitable built-in shader in KSP to meet all requirements: transparent, specular, textured and with shaded visor working (new for KSP 1.11), so I added a stripped-down version of reflective visor shader.
  11. No. I must update the reflective visor shader to support shaded/gold visor. Currently, you either have reflections and textured visor or the shaded visor working (if you disable reflections), but not both.
  12. Look again. It's exactly what you want. Unless you're using TR < 4.2.
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