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  1. No. I'm not adding additional complexity, I already threw out several features in 3.x and I'm looking forward to remove even more. You can already separate textures from different mods by putting them into subdirectories in `Skins/` and `Suits/`. And there is `paths` option for additional directories that act additional `Default/` subdir (well, good that I spotted this, that's the next feature in line for removal, I will rather make subdirs inside `Default/`, same as in `Skins/` and `Suits/`).
  2. If you use stock, untextured visor, it's currently not transparent. That's a bug I noticed with KSP 1.4.5, but it may be there for a longer time. Use some suit textures (that include visor texture) and it should be ok. I'll try to fix it in the next release. How did Valentina change gender? I removed legacyFemales option, TR should not touch genders any more. Please tell me the version of KSP, TR and the exact steps to reproduce this.
  3. Add Duna to atmSuitBodies and lower atmSuitPressure to 1 or below, whatever is the surface pressure on Duna.
  4. It's on CKAN now.
  5. No. How it doesn't work? No visor reflections or pink visor? What about without any additional flags (Direct3D)? Could you upload your logs?
  6. All 3.x releases from official TR have working reflections and 3.2 also has working visor relections. Tested on Linux and Windows.
  7. TR determines sex from texture names now. Check the README or OP.
  8. The most likely reasons are texture unloading, compression and mipmaps. Set them all to "never" in a config file. E.g. create a file "something.cfg" with the following contents and put it into GameData/TextureReplacer. TextureReplacer { isCompressionEnabled = never isMipmapGenEnabled = never isUnloadingEnabled = never }
  9. You're right. TR has already been added to CKAN by RangeMachine (his fork), so that's probably the reason why my 3.1 update wasn't accepted.
  10. Reflections work in TR 3.1, but not for visors. I haven't merged RangeMachine's changes (yet). Honestly, I don't know how to compile Unity asset files, I never done that before, and I don't even have Unity installed right now ...
  11. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. To replace the icons, not Kerbals in the game? I don't think that's possible with TR, UI textures cannot be replaced the same way as 3D model textures.
  12. @Angel-125 BUG report: mipmaps are missing in
  13. Version 3.1 has been released. It has all KSP 1.1+ specific issues fixed except visor reflections. The latter require a custom shader I currently don't have time to develop (a lot has changed in Unity since I last compiled the visor shader and I also forgot most of that craft ...). 3.x releases also include a lot of code refactoring and reogranisation that was happening on devel branch during the last two years. Although not publicly active I have been privately maintaining TR, occasionally when I played KSP now nad then. Heads directory has been renamed to Skins and reorganised so it now works the same way as Suits. Ie. each head in its own directory and textures names are the same as internally used in KSP. Hence, female heads are derived from texture names rather than using configuration files. The head texture is not the only Kerbal-specific texture, KSC crew also has a separate texture for arms, so that's the reason for renaming the directory to Skins, if I (or someone else) eventually implement personalisation of KSC Kerbals.
  14. No. But you can do it for one set. Put normal map for that set into Default/ and remove them from individual folders. Suits without normal maps will inherit them from Default/.