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  1. One more thing: use EVA suit as the basis because IVA suits have some artefacts around neck when you remove neck ring. Unfortunately, Squad only updated EVA suit texture for the new ring-less models in KSP 1.6. There are no issues with vintage suits as they never have (or had) neck rings.
  2. You create them or change them if you already have some suit pack installed. See the OP or README for the details.
  3. logKerbalHierarchy = true Dumping all models from game would be more tricky ...
  4. I know, it is probably caused by unstable FPS when reflections are enabled. Try changing `reflectionInterval`. Previously, it was set to 2 and caused some ragdoll issues, not it's 4 by default and causes mouth jitter ... if you set it to 1, there's a noticeable performance drop ...
  5. No, it won't, it references some new functions and events for handling helmet removal, which were added in KSP 1.6. Anyway, it doesn't bring anything new compared to TR 3.5 besides atmospheric suit switching being integrated with stock helmet removal.
  6. Skybox is not entirely rendered, only the top face. See known issues.
  7. You mean IVA helmet removal in safe situations? Because it didn't work with vintage suits. Furthermore, vintage suits are missing visors on IVA helmets and they don't have proto-model, so fixing these issues would be pretty tricky. However, since no stock pod uses IVA helmets any more and most of mods follow that, this feature is probably very rarely used nowadays, so I removed it.
  8. Well, then just install `GameData/TextureReplacer/Default/<planet_textures>`, not the whole package. And planet texture names haven't ever changed, so all old texture packs should still work. No, @Gordon Dry reported they don't. I think Unity only compiles shaders for D3D when building asset files for Windows. I will try to fix this ... some time.
  9. Yes, in the space centre screen.
  10. You're obviously using wrong texture for your suit type (you have vintage suit but the texture is for the standard suit). Vintage and standard suits are not compatible texture-wise. Yeah, if you change between standard and vintage suit on mission, you have to reload the scene once more. I haven't yet found a fix for this one. Anyway, it's a minor issue. Edit visor texture and set alpha to 100%. No. Just edit visor texture for each of your suits.
  12. Probably texture mapping is missing or is wrong (probably hard or impossible to fix this -- eyes were obviously not meant to be textured). I only tested it with 1x1 textures to apply uniform colours to eyes.
  13. You mean if I disable SM crew transfer in SM settings? Just tested it yesterday. At first, it still used SM transfers despite disabling them in SM settings. Only after I also unchecked override stock transfers and restarted KSP it reverted back to stock transfers.