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  1. While I am not a big fan of Pewdie it was funny that you could actually see the moment he went from just reviewing a game he expected to be boring to actually enjoying it. It seems like that first time you get into space thinking youve done it to suddenly falling back towards kerbin that ignites the spark. You suddenly realize there is a lot more to space travel than video games or movies had previously led us to believe.
  2. I work professionally in IT but have very little actual modding experience outside of modifying some part configs and making small changes to other peoples work. Is this idea something simple enough to create with a little bit of research or am I looking at a significant amount of time to figure out.
  3. You wouldn't just be using fuel recovered from space. You would still have ore on Kerbin. You would use aircraft to mine ore and could return the ore/fuel to KSC or recover from the mining site for a % based on your distance form the KSC. A large cargo plane full of empty ore containers would recover a significant amount of fuel if recovered full of ore. The idea is that it would add a level of difficulty to the sandbox mode for people that wanted to use it. It wouldnt be a mandatory feature of sandbox mode.
  4. Maybe not stage recovery so much since this would be a sandbox feature and thats a career mode mod.
  5. There was a mass relay mod made quite a while ago that was part of Kerbtown (or something similar). In fact i think it was one of the very first objects that used it. It was placed at the end of the runway and once you got within a certain distance it would launch you into space pretty much instantly. Or blow you, one or the other.
  6. I think this would be the perfect thing to add into the game now that resources have been added to stock. It would create an entirely new game mode with minimal work having to be done on squads side. The only thing that would need to be done is coding in a limit to the fuel storage at KSC and include resource recovery to the vehicle recovery option. All of the mechanics and features are already in the game.
  7. Being able to recover mined ore and fuel would be CRITICAL for this game mode to work. As to the difficulty question that is why this would be an optional sandbox option with options to adjust its difficulty. If you like the idea of limited resources but without the possibility of "losing" you could simply keep ore enabled underneath the KSC and just build a miner on the launchpad, then recover it for more fuel. The "resource management mode" is a good idea but would only work in career since funds dont exist in sandbox mode.
  8. Lol while it is a little more than I was imagining with this idea that does sound pretty awesome. It feels a little outside the scope of stock KSP though but could make an interesting scenario or mod type of game mode. I am thinking of something more in line with the regular sandbox mode but with just enough of an objective to give your designs some purpose without limiting creativity too much.
  9. The Scenario After years of Jebediah being allowed to run wild with his pursuit of space, snacks, and explosions Kerbin is now suffering from a wide scale fuel shortage. The local 7-11 has officially run dry and all that is left is the fuel stored in the tanks at KSC. Bob has now taken command of the KSC with a bold plan to supply their own fuel through widespread mining operations. The Idea An optional difficulty setting to start out in sandbox mode with a limited amount of fuel requiring mining and recovering resources to keep your rockets fueled up. The Execution There would need to be an
  10. Re-entry with a shuttle type aircraft must be done differently than with pods. To make up for not having ablative heatshields they have higher heat tolerance than most pod parts.
  11. I have often times thought how cool a open world game like Eve and a physics construction game like KSP would mesh. I dont think current PCs could handle something like that yet but when we get there it will be a cool game.
  12. if this got added as a vanilla feature i wouldn't want it on by default. Just as an added difficulty option.
  13. True, it wouldnt be hard to move all the necessary mining equipment into the first node or 2 in career mode if you enabled the mod for it. Wish I knew enough about modding to try to make it myself.
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