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  1. Interesting. I have never heard of Albert or this space monkey program. I do have an inherent fear of parachuting though.
  2. No mod conflicts. Running as admin. Game loads perfectly and all patches are applied. Started fresh game - no saves Tried in 32 and 64 same problem. Modified and tested all video settings. Never had this issue before. Enter Vab and SPH just fine and can build craft/ also loaded default craft Cannot launch any craft nor exit out of the hangars once I load in using the top right buttons. Must force close. Reloaded all fresh .25 compatible only mods
  3. Is this abandoned? I loaded it and tried to use it but no luck. Looked into the files and there were gross misspellings present, no offense author but I am assuming that English isn't your native tongue. I went through and corrcted the misspellings in the files and dll but this still did not help the bug issues. I am dying for a freaking auto hover such as this and don't like star wars lasors shooting everywhere just to hover. I would prefer engine power.
  4. Awesome mod! Giving purpose to my little green men. Many thanks!!! Bins are invisible to me too.
  5. I like the scratched, beat up look but please no dents.
  6. You must have the thingamajig Spock stares into and have the green glow on the kerbal's face
  7. A service SSTO shuttle. I can tweak her weight down to improve payload capability. TWR is only 1.04 on the runway and a bit heavy at 61 tons. She's capable of crew transfers and orbital servicing as is.
  8. She's a bit heavy at 61 tons and a TWR of 1.04 which gives a razor thin payload margin. Tarmac to orbit and you can see the fuel to spare.
  9. Probably because the community is composed of 98% mature gamers and the other 2% are retards. Good luck with the mod and a great concept. Looking forward to being able to use it.
  10. I agree fully with your statement. I was responding to the post I quoted and your statement from yesterday about punishing the community because people are hounding you about release. In sharing development ideas and posting progress and I might say and really awesome looking mod you just need to accept that there will be a few retards who hound you and take steps to shut them down without affecting the community. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  11. Maybe he should wait until projects are complete before posting threads about them.
  12. I would like to see someone pick this up that can keep it up to date. I would but I don't have the knowledge or time to update the plugins. Sound files are here that would work well with the rather quiet minigun. http://www./folder/qm0uv4yqdulr3/Documents
  13. I'm gonna grapple hook them with KAS and try to slam them into Kerbin.