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  1. Didn't know wether to put this in space loung or science labs... mod feel free to put the thread where it belongs I have a Esmooth ES-821EBMC, and the cable is absolutely horrible. I wondered if anyone have a link to a cable with a 3,5mm jack for the phone end, and splitted single channel 2,5mm jacks for the headset? I can't find it anywhere, even on ebay. Also gonna send an email to the manufacturer. Regards, RJ
  2. Rjhere

    Work music?

    I agree, Beethoven is my favorite composer. The guy is simply a genius!
  3. Rjhere

    Work music?

    Listening to this while working practical after school: Any other suggestions to some cool movie/classical. This kinda is a change for me, since I normally listen to rock and metal. (And please stay on movie/classical songs as I'm not into chill electric or ambient sounds.)
  4. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post in, but this made sense to me somehow. Anyways, I have a problem with my Asus GTX 770 graphics driver. I can start my computer like normal, until i install any driver for the gtx 770. Whenever I boot while the driver is installed, the background is everything that shows up, no icons or anything else, and when I click CTRL+ALT+DEL, the screens turns black, but I can do things like logging out and back in (result of me spamming enter). I have tried re-installing Windows 7 so many times now, both with an ISO image mount and USB boot install, and nothing works. Also last try I did was installing every update to Windows 7 except the driver, then installing the driver, but that didn't work either. Anyone have had the same problem, and/or have suggestions on how to fix this? Should also note that I recently had Windows 10 Tech Preview installed primarily. Don't know if that has anything to say.
  5. I love that song! Currently singing Dissident Aggressor by Judas Priest in my head. The texts are so powerfull and meaningfull, and Rob's voice is filled with passion! Search for it on youtube, Halestorm has an awesome cover on it to.
  6. If you think that is op, i have a 850w psu for a gtx 770 and i5 3570k
  7. If such things had happened to my computer, I'd format and reinstall the OS. Just a tip. Also your avatar NFUN, do you listen to System of a Down? Your avatar is the hand from their first album!
  8. Can't help but feel you just wrote that to promote yourself... and that's largely irrelevant with animations when I wrote automation.
  9. (Saves spot for later post) *Computer specs and stuff here*
  10. I am currently studying automation, which involves relays, PLC programming, regulation of different processes, etc. Just wondering if anyone else in this forum works with this or are studying it themselves? Cheers
  11. You know Javster, that is very interesting... just don't tease the lunar landing conspiracy lunatics, but I see your point c: According to that evolution, we shoulda landed on every moon and planet out there..
  12. Well, in your sight it may be worth more, but I love it! It's great to drive, it's an awesome feeling everytime. That's why I called'er Joplin... Like Janis Joplin...
  13. That was the original idea, but that requires I get permission of every mod maker that has a part in this. And some are doomed, in lack of a better word, to say no. I also have no idea how to make an installer, but I will make detailed instructions whenever I get the time to do so.
  14. Hey, I actually like Ford. They are amongst the simplest, and most user friendly cars, AND you actually can more or less fix things on them yourself without needing lots of unnecessary equipment just x brand car, or a huuuuge hassle to get to example, the thermostat. Also come from a car family, were everyone loves cars and my dad even built he's own custom 66 Ford Mustang GT-350R. A norwegian american car enthusiast's magazine even said it's the most unique and awesomest Mustang in Norway, and definately would make the list on worlwide contests. It's truly a special, insanely detailed car. No corner or detail, and I repeat, NO corner or detail are not thought through.
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