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  1. I've updated the source code download with the correct version.
  2. Not beyond the HUD, which is already tied to research. Almost all of the data I'm providing is actually available elsewhere in the UI (or in IVA view), if in a less anachronistic way. So I feel that all of these gauges are ones that the Kerbals would have access to when the Mk 1 Command Pod is available.
  3. Based on the number of ScienceDefs I made for Custom Biomes, and the number that remained unmade after I got tired of it, my guess would be: time. Unique, witty science results for all those biomes will take someone a lot of time to write. But then again, as you're now running crowd sourced science, I guess you already knew that, huh?
  4. Custom Biomes 1.7.0 is now available. Alt Download Source Code It turns out the new changes weren't that bad, so after some trial and error here is my final release of Custom Biomes, version 1.7.0. Although this version retains my original biomes, the new default for all save games is the 'Disable' set, which will not load any biomes. You will be able to look at all the new biomes, however. As previously stated, if anyone wants to continue development just let me know. But from here on out I will not be developing this mod any further. Thanks.
  5. SteamGagues 1.6.0 is now released with 0.90 compatibility. I changed the way that SAS has handled internally for the mouse input, but everything should look the same to users. Please give Curse a little bit to process and approve the upload. The alternate download is available immediately. Download Alt Download Source
  6. As I stated yesterday, I don't have the need to continue development because I was just waiting for stock biomes to come along to the other planets. I realize that other people do, and that's why I am offering it up for someone else to continue development if they desire. There is still a chance that, after I get SteamGauges 0.90 issues worked out, I might take a look into the new biome changes and post one last update, but it will get done more quickly if someone else takes over. I do appreciate the support, and I'm glad you've gotten some use out of my work.
  7. Custom Biomes is not compatible with KSP 0.90. The good news is, there should be a biome for all of the stock bodies. Also, it looks like they made the entire biome system a bit more robust, which will be good for the future. However, as I don't personally have any more need for biome replacement, I will not be continuing development of Custom Biomes. If any of the planet addition/replacement mod makers would like to continue development for their own mods, please let me know.
  8. SteamGauges 1.5.7 is NOT compatible with 0.90 due to a change in the way SAS is handled in vessels. It might not break if you don't turn on the HUD, but for now I would just treat it as incompatible.
  9. Yes, but you have to change a line in the config file. Go to your KSP install directory, and open the GameData folder, then CustomBiomes, then PluginData, then CustomBiomes. Now open config.xml (using the text editor of your choice), and change this line: <bool name="GUIEnabled">1</bool> to: <bool name="GUIEnabled">0</bool> Save, and start up KSP. You shouldn't see any part of the custom biomes UI.
  10. Rapid biome switching is a known issue, and is a result of how KSP determines where biomes are. Additionally, Custom Biomes doesn't change the Mun's biomes at all, and I'm not really responsible for KER's output. So, while it is a known issue, it isn't a Custom Biomes one.
  11. Version 1.6.8 is released, which fixes an OSX compatibility issue. Alt Download Source Code
  12. Now with /'s!. Hopefully, that'll do it.
  13. One more time. And from the logs I'm only interested in the parts that start with (CB).
  14. Another version for Mac users. Hopefully its a good fix. If someone wouldn't mind posting a log? Thanks.
  15. So for my reference, what is the path you used to have it installed in? /Applications/KSP_osx/GameData/CustomBiomes/...?
  16. For those of you with having problems with Custom Biomes, please try this version. It isn't any different, but produces a much more verbose log file. Please download, run, and report the results from your ksp.log. Thanks!
  17. I'll try to get a debugging version to you guys tomorrow evening. Probably a directory issue.
  18. Custiom Biomes 1.6.7 is now released (alt download here). This is a simple compatibility release for 0.25, with no other changes.
  19. Version 1.5.7 is now available (also here). No changes other than recompiling against 0.25 and changing compatibility strings.
  20. Sorry, I've been out of town with very limited internet since 0.25 came out. I'll have the recompiled version available as soon as I get back though.
  21. Toolbar's Forum Thread Although it should have been included in the Steamgauges download.
  22. I would love to help, but I'm gonna have to ask you to be more specific. My first thoughts are to make sure it is installed correctly (in the GameData/Steamgauges folder), and you also have Blizzy's toolbar installed. If both of those are installed correctly, you can look through your KSP log and look at the Steamgauges section and see if it is throwing any errors.
  23. Honestly, I haven't looked at that yet. If anyone does see contracts populating with new biomes please post it here. It is quite possible that they would, but it just depends on when/how they look at the available biomes for the contracts system.
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