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  1. Granted. Due to your vague description of a 'halfling', you are given a half fish-half hamster servant that is pretty much incapable of doin anything. I wish for the ability to pay attention better.
  2. 1/10 Never seen you before. Although I've been away for a while.
  3. I launch Infinity Kraken-Powered Boosters via Jeb at the ISS and Bob.
  4. Gilly: The place where you can jump, walk away from the keyboard to order a pizza, and come back before you return to the ground.
  5. Banned for typing your username with caps lock.
  6. Granted. All wishes summon Lampreys and only Lampreys I wish for a cup of coffee.
  7. Banned for computer talk in a nonsense thread.
  8. Not really I've been around for a bit, but still considered new to those that survived the forum kraken attack. The user below me is famous here.
  9. I think the aclubierre drive is plausible. Although a Slipspace drive would be awesome *Engage Halo fanatic mode*
  10. *Invisible answer* The user below me has aknowledged my return.
  11. Anarchists have nuclear missiles!
  12. Banned for trying to overthrow the power.
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