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  1. https://www.sciencealert.com/oxygen-supply-has-failed-in-part-of-the-international-space-station Another problem with ISS life support; nothing that would be an immediate threat to crew though. "Nothing threatens the security of the crew and the ISS," said the spokesperson, adding this repair work to fix the issue would be carried out on Thursday. The ISS is getting old I wonder if it's just a matter of time that something serious comes up.
  2. https://www.space.com/amp/virgin-galactic-spaceshiptwo-test-launch-october-2020.html Apparently they have another test flight coming shortly, and one more planned after that - and then they'll start flying customers
  3. TASS reports that there's a leak on ISS https://tass.com/science/1192567 Only three crew onboard, everyone is safe. Who drilled a hole in a wrong spot this time...
  4. Well dang there was a thread for this.. Mods, remove the one I started?
  5. After a failed landing due to parachutes not deploying I experimented a bit with the sm-6a service module part (the small conical one), and it seems that all 'chutes attached to them are always in "stowed" state and so they won't deploy - if the shroud was removed in VAB. Even if I put a cubical strut or a decoupler on it's top node and the chute on top of that, it just says that it's stowed. When the craft is launched with the shroud on, parachutes work normally.
  6. They say they're re-using a previously flown fairing, too - is this the first time they're doing that? https://mobile.twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1238610287256723456
  7. What's that landing pad on a boat? A barge ship for ants?
  8. Depending on your jurisdiction (obviously), hotlinking images hosted on other sites may be considered "publishing", or "use" of that content. Posting a link to the page where the image is hosted is always ok. Probably not anything to worry about as long as context is not in some way commercial.
  9. Oh I've discovered the concept in ksp before, it was just that the wording seemed oxymoronic - "there is no increase to delta v but the end speed is higher"
  10. Delta vee being literally change of velocity, how does one have a system that does little for dv while increasing speed..?
  11. Ftfy On a more serious note, whatever software issue they found must have been very serious to cancel a launch - and do we know if it was with the actual sats, or somewhere else? Has anyone heard a word on what it might have been?
  12. Was there just one 2nd stage engine burn? Do they always get to low orbit/ISS with a single 2nd stage engine burn?
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