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  1. What's that landing pad on a boat? A barge ship for ants?
  2. Depending on your jurisdiction (obviously), hotlinking images hosted on other sites may be considered "publishing", or "use" of that content. Posting a link to the page where the image is hosted is always ok. Probably not anything to worry about as long as context is not in some way commercial.
  3. Oh I've discovered the concept in ksp before, it was just that the wording seemed oxymoronic - "there is no increase to delta v but the end speed is higher"
  4. Delta vee being literally change of velocity, how does one have a system that does little for dv while increasing speed..?
  5. Ftfy On a more serious note, whatever software issue they found must have been very serious to cancel a launch - and do we know if it was with the actual sats, or somewhere else? Has anyone heard a word on what it might have been?
  6. Was there just one 2nd stage engine burn? Do they always get to low orbit/ISS with a single 2nd stage engine burn?
  7. Definitely. Related to this, look at an mx motorbike during a jump - riders adjust pitch of the bike mid-air with throttle and or brake. A bike can also be steered by, well, steering - turning the front wheel - while the front wheel is off the ground. Here are a few related demonstrations with a bicycle wheel, skip to 35:50 and 23:00
  8. Huh, that's what I thought but it's claimed in the article you linked
  9. How does this affect gps, does the ionosphere cause a delay to the signal as it passes through?
  10. What problem did you have? I've seen batteries last for a lot less in arctic weather, and had a laptop crash unless heated, but all of my cameras have worked without a hiccup down to around -30 celsius.
  11. Source for apollo guidance computer system is public (github), is this the same thing?