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  1. J0hnsmine

    Kerbal Bobsleigh Challenge

    I HAVE AWAKENED FROM MY 5 MONTH SLEEP *coughs dust* I have to try this.
  2. J0hnsmine

    Do you even Spacestation?

    Yes. Indeed i DO ​ space station.
  3. J0hnsmine

    Can some one upload a STOCK 21.2 Boeing 767

    I could mabre do tjhis with B9.
  4. J0hnsmine

    Let's answer these two questions

    1. yes2.--- er--- i thiiiin k the craft you do To.
  5. All rockets are basically a explosion out of a funnel. (Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically)
  6. J0hnsmine

    Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Yeah, though the new popular science shows an awesome R-T-O (runway to orbit) and *bloop* <Picture) the new shuttle should look like that.
  7. this is awesome. I CANNOT WAIT TO BLOW IT UUP WITH A THRILLMASTER NUKE MUAHAHAHAHAH. Ahem, excuse my jeb, awesome.
  8. J0hnsmine

    Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    I have been following this and when i saw and iva i weny *clapclapclap* YEAY!
  9. J0hnsmine

    Extreme fragility of wheels since patch?

    No. I have the OLDOLDOLDOLD(0.7 bug) where parts of the rockets that touch the launchpad are sometimes stuck
  10. J0hnsmine

    What so you think is going to be in the .22 update?

    They confirmed subassemblies.-
  11. J0hnsmine

    How long ya been here, hmm?

    I been following since 0.13 or so, and onlt thought it was worth buying until 0.20. (Flags)
  12. J0hnsmine

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Eye Haev some stouf:
  13. J0hnsmine

    Get this to the Mun

    IVE DONE IT Hyperedit: *Boop*
  14. J0hnsmine

    German 0.21 Video Special!

    YOu should move this to the other languages thread.