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  1. I HAVE AWAKENED FROM MY 5 MONTH SLEEP *coughs dust* I have to try this.
  2. Yes. Indeed i DO ​ space station.
  3. 1. yes2.--- er--- i thiiiin k the craft you do To.
  4. All rockets are basically a explosion out of a funnel. (Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically)
  5. Yeah, though the new popular science shows an awesome R-T-O (runway to orbit) and *bloop* <Picture) the new shuttle should look like that.
  6. this is awesome. I CANNOT WAIT TO BLOW IT UUP WITH A THRILLMASTER NUKE MUAHAHAHAHAH. Ahem, excuse my jeb, awesome.
  7. I have been following this and when i saw and iva i weny *clapclapclap* YEAY!
  8. No. I have the OLDOLDOLDOLD(0.7 bug) where parts of the rockets that touch the launchpad are sometimes stuck
  9. I been following since 0.13 or so, and onlt thought it was worth buying until 0.20. (Flags)
  10. YOu should move this to the other languages thread.
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