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  1. zombie2u

    Any 1.4.2 servers?

    I need help with KMP and need a 1.4.2 server for a video.
  2. If you have any request of anything that flies (besides helicopters) ask me and I will be sure to make it, a long with a forum post showcasing it and a download. Also, you will have a video of the building, fight, stall speed and rating 1 - 10 with every pro and con... Thanks for reading! If you want a higher chance of creation, email GamerFurLives@gmail.com, only some aircraft on here will be done. All aircraft is stock
  3. Please, use mods, but not aircraft meshes, that's cheating! Anything is here, anything is made with mods, from jets to props. Please, only constructive criticism!
  4. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    Haha, derp!
  5. zombie2u

    How to Cheat

    I tend to do it in a different save, just to explore
  6. zombie2u

    How to Cheat

    Hit Alt + F12 on KSP, and you can set everything to no grav, unlimited fuel, unlimited oxygen, debugger (GREAT FOR MODDERS)
  7. zombie2u

    I think I broke my Kerbal...

    How did you get the head out of the helmet
  8. zombie2u

    new posible easter egg on dres?

    I, personally think that there are easter eggs on EVERY planer
  9. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    Yeah, I tried to make it nice and easy
  10. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    I got on tutorial board, this is great!
  11. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    Sorry if this is just too basic, it is kind of for beginners
  12. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    This needs to be seen...
  13. zombie2u

    How to Make a Perfect Space Plane

    I really hope that this will help you, if you would like more tutorials, click these links: -snip- 1. Intro Hello, today I will be showing you how to make an absolutely perfect space plane! I would really suggest this guide for beginners trying to get into the world of planes in Kerbal Space Program. 2. Getting Started First off, make sure you are using the newest version of Kerbal Space Program, and it is NOT pirated, when you buy it, the devs get helped out. As crazy as this sounds, it's true, they really get helped out, and it's a really nice thing to do. Also, make sure you read this slowly, some of this stuff may be confusing, but, if you read carefully, I will help you out with what everything means. 3. Begin Building (Alread!?!?) Ok, you will want to start building. Go ahead and make a new save file or use an old one, it doesn't matter! To start off with, use ANY cockpit you want, this tutorial is going to teach you how to make anything using anything, as long as you follow these directions. First off, make whatever you want, just, start off making sense. It can be as crazy or as normal as you want, just remember these basic tips 1. The Center of Gravity is ALWAYS above Center of Lift. The buttons show you CoM (Center of Mass, The anvil button), CoL (Center of Lift, the canard button), and finally CoT (Center of Thrust, the thruster button) 2. Always look at your aircraft from a 90* angle on the side. 3. Remember the, fuel flows from the front in KSP, so you might want to start off with the CoM in front of the CoL. If the fuel flows from the front, then it automatically disbalances the weight moving the weight to the back. 4. If the CoM is in the back, then it will ALWAYS not be able to get out of a stall, flatspin all the time, and will be an all around horrible plane. Paint a picture in that little head of yours, imagine that the Mass was in the back, when you stall it, it will ALWAYS fall backwards and NEVER go forwards, causing the aircraft to crash itself. Now, imagine it forward, it will stall like a REAL plane and will go forward, correcting itself. This is how your Aircraft should look if CoM = Orange CoL = Blue Front is on the left, and back is on the right I really hope that this will help you, if you would like more tutorials, click these links: -snip again-