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  1. I've been looking for a ftl mod that uses jump beacons for a while now. So I hope that you follow through on this. What I like about the Beacon system is setting up networks of them. What I'd like to be able to do is make multiple jumps, starting in Low kerbal orbit and stretching out to the farthest reaches of the kerbal system. The balancing of it needs to come somewhere between too easy to setup, making it boring, and too complex and grinding to be fun and worth while. In the end I hope you make something you enjoy because you'll work harder on it.
  2. Has any one tried this. I haven't been able to get it to work.
  3. Is this being worked on? There are a lot of mods that do warp drives, but no body is working on jump drives it seems.
  4. Both Space Engineers and Plague Inc. have updated this morning while I've been waiting. Every time I hold my breath.
  5. I'm like that too. Then I'll be completely obsessed for weeks after the release. Then gradually tapper off till the announcement of the next update.
  6. Still not showing up in the gui. Thanks for the suggestion though. I currently looking in the other files for the gui code, but I'm haveing problems reading some of them.
  7. Is there any way to add new fuel types to convert in Kethane mod? I need to refuel a ship that uses hydrogengas from near future mod. My space station has a lot of kethane, but no way to convert it. I looked in the part cfg and copyed the xeon module then changed it to hydrogengas but it won't show up in the gui.
  8. I was scrolling through Steams store page when I came across KSP and written in the corner was just updated. So I quickly launched my game to see, but nope no .23. Steam must be jumping the gun or something.
  9. I've found it easier to build probe landers and keep my refueling / orbital constrution station in orbit.
  10. Mulitplayer doesn't appeal to me at all. I'll probably never use it. On on the other hand I've always wanted to build off world and colonize the planets and their moons.
  11. From the beginning I've wanted to mine resources on other planets and use the resources to build outposts, space stations, ect. The science system gives you a reason to go places, but the resource system would give you a reason to really colonize. I've been using kethane mod, and orbital construction mod. Which are a good stand in, but the devs could do so much more.
  12. I did a clean install and kept getting a run time error R6025. Re installed previous version ran fine.