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  1. You might be able to pull through on the lowest settings
  2. I installed TAC LS for the first time so I was adding a LS module to my space station. I was doing all den cinematics with the hud off and accidentally smashed into my fuel modules :/ But hey at least it didn't smash the core!
  3. Firstly specs would help a lot (if you're on windows type 'DxDiag' into the search bar and open the application, then there should be a button to save the log, save it then copy/paste it here or on pastebin). Have you updated any drivers recently (specifically GPU drivers) Like Umbral said try turning your setting down, if someone is having FPS issues I usually tell them to go to the lowes settings on everything (no AA, Low obj/Rex detail etc) and work the way up until you get at least a smooth 30FPS, turning the resolution down can help but make sure not to set it on like 300x220 or you'll ha
  4. * the results are pretty interesting, I wonder if squad maight e able to release a graph or something showing the amount of purchases in each version (or if possible use some kind of steam sales chart [wont be as accurate but whatever) I think I'd e interesting to see wen the sales really boomed
  5. Very nice! I especially like the second pic of the kernal in space +Rep
  6. Reinstalled B9 and tried to build an intergalactic plane
  7. If you basically want clone te game with all mods, saves etc. you can backup the game via steam and restore it on the new computer (Steam [top right menu of Steam]> Backup or restore> Backup> Select your game and drive> Let steam do its thing> Go to the new PC> Steam> Backup & Restore> restore> Select drive and folder backup was installed in) If you only want the mods for the games you could go through your game files and copy/paste it all, a safer way would be to find the zip/original folder of the mod put that on a USB and install the mod on the new PC, but the
  8. Nice idea I'm gonna go do that, all the planets and their moons just sitting in the sky
  9. Just a standard launch on Kerbin until I started sinking into the ground and came out the other side
  10. I understand that more RAM doesn't mean it's better, and that you should always check benchmarks, price for performance, compare the card to other cards of that price point /performance Sorry for the confusion
  11. If it's a desktop and you have some spare money you could buy a 2gb AMD card for pretty cheap and that'll smash your game performance up. A good way to see if your PC will run certain games/applications is to go on http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri (not sure if SE is on it) EDIT- After a quick search on the HP website of the product number that came up in the report I'm assuming this is your computer
  12. 12GB RAM-Plenty for dem chrome tabs i7- Not need for games, an i5 would do fine. If you did a bit of OCing youd be able to get some good speeds, and the hyperthredaing will come in handy if youre doing media work or anything of that sorts 1TB storage- Easily enough for games and media GPU- A bit old but 2gb of VRAM will be good for 1080p gaming
  13. Not to mention the fact thats its A0.04, god knows what itll be when it reaches 1.0
  14. I got it about a week ago week ago... and even though ive finished all the levels im still playing it. I love going on the subreddit for it (/r/besige) and seeing others creations, one of the top posts is a flamethrower .... torture machine and another is 2 people 'going at it' and then one of them exploding. I mean what else could you want. OH AND DID I MENTION THE $7 PRICE TAG?!
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