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  1. WOW Quiz that looks nice mate going to watch this close
  2. I think I can say that you preaching to the converted when it comes to how good RT2 is its been a stock mod for me for a long time just never thought about changing it even though lose ships probes. All you have done for me is put the cherry on top of the cake and for that I thank you and the whole super RT team.
  3. I have been a KW fanboy for a long time but with 0.90 I thought it was time for a change So I opted for your SpaceY found it lacking in some areas so got MRS as well, after picking up 0-Point too I was starting to feel I need no more then you go and drop Colour coded and now this which just works so well with the rest. Man you have made KSP 0.90 play and look a whole lot nicer thank you BTW your memory footprint is nice a low too good work.
  4. Great mod man If this had only come a bit sooner I could of save myself a lot of hardship and cash duna probe push in orbit dropped stage deorbit burn switch back "SIGH" launch new probe to dock with old dead probe. So quick question if I get this right installing this will make old dead probe not so dead any more.
  5. Have you looked at texture replacer I'm sure that can do it for you.
  6. Don't post much on these forums but read a whole lot I would like to see this happen too, Thinking about it the maths for this is already done IE solar panel's. You would just need a Mod to handle part fail and kervation sickness (kerbal radiation sickness) Not sure about random events for solar flares, But it could be added as a date and time event which it used as a multiplier just a few thoughts.
  7. Nice vid very helpful and the blooper reel was way funny thx