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  1. editing the parts is working fine for me. but nothing will attach to the wings. which pretty much means I can't build anything meaningful.
  2. I wish this mod didn't break every time the game updates. But short of rewriting the whole thing to use the games inbuilt fairing creation tool I can't see this happening. Whatever happens, here's hoping this essential mod is updated soon.
  3. I'm thrilled to see this mod usable again. (jumping for joy would be an accurate description) as I can now build my jump jet sea plane, that I'm hopeing will be space worthy. I thank you for your hard work from the bottom of my heart and wish you a merry xmas.
  4. so... we need a new button for Root ® how about Base ( makeing it Top(t) Grab(G) Base( all in a nice neat row down the keyboard and an easy button to remember.
  5. I just took a mission to EVE with stock air intakes (MX-G50 Radial Air Intake) and (R1A Compressed Air Thrust Nozzle) there is plenty of air, but they won't run. I thought I should point this out as something that should be addressed at some point.
  6. problem : Procedural wings will not connect to the hull of a ship, and stay transparant. Solution : 1) update ferrum arospace. if you have an older version than is current, this could be interfeering with this mod 2) go to page 92 of this thread and download the replacement .dll apparantly the current .dll is not fully compatable with the current modloader. I did these 2 things and my game is fixed. also. I feel I should point out that certain individuals with this problem and others should consider there words more carefully. as this and all other mods. is FREE! be a bit more respectful
  7. I just updated to the latest version of this mod, and now whenever I try to attatch these parts to a ship they won't attatch and the game breaks. is there a fix or a copy of the previous version I can download (where this issue did not occur)
  8. hmm. you know. I'm not entirely sure. let me go check... hmm... computer says yes.
  9. B9 Aerospace price fix download http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/222644-b9-aerospce-price-fix Description this little mod reprices the B9 components and fixes a few other minour errors I found while going through all the parts... - price fixes the value of B9 components no longer made sense. Every component has been repriced by comparing it to the price of it's nearest vanilla equivilent. many prices have gone down, but eaquelly, many have gone up. so if something seems expensive. take a good look at what it can do before you complain. (it took me 2 days to go through it all) - D25 c
  10. Rocketry deals with stupidly large numbers. and in order to break down such huge numbers comas are added every three didgets to enable there hugeness to be gathered at a single glance, for example 656164.00 656,164.00 the seccond number is much easier to gauge at a moments glance, rather than having to manually count the didgets yourself each and every time. I mean, if my rocket costs 1536313.00 is that cheap or dear? I have to work it out. but displayed like this 1,536,313.00 suddenly the answer is crystal clear. such a change is so small and would have such a huge impact on the easy of usi
  11. Hi. I was trying to set up a probe network and discovered that the Orbital gauge no longer has the ability to display orbital period. which is prittey vital information when you want to make sure things don't get out of sync. can you please put this back as an option.
  12. after having used this mod for quite some time now I must say this. you can remove it from my KSP environment over my dead body. The amount of grief this has solved is immense. and if nothing else, this mod deserves a bump. if you're still paying attention to this thread "the lone wolfling" I have a few notes from using the mod a lot and for a long time. note 1) I changed the name of the parts in the .cfg file to include the word "balance" or "transfer" this made using the mod a ridiculous amount more user friendly. note 2) the fuel transfer pipe is much too fast for space station refuel
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