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  1. Well my intent is to have everything persist, including which program you have loaded and where you are in the execution of that program. It's not something I'm looking forward to coding. Issuing a command that does an autoexec when a craft loads sounds like a good stop-gap. I may look into that soon.
  2. Correct! And at the current 5x speed, it uses the same power that it did before I made that change. In the future you'll be able to overclock your CPU at the cost of power.
  3. Very well! 0.85 is out which is built on 0.22. (I realize you posted this before then) I didn't come up with any 0.22 specific problems in my testing. I'm waiting to see how things go for the community.
  4. For #1, there's no support for that yet. It's something I haven't gotten around to. For #2, locking steering to a node should work, but I believe the node needs to be added first. SET x TO NODE(A,B,C). ADD x. LOCK STEERING TO x. // or.... LOCK STEERING TO NEXTNODE. because you've added it and NEXTNODE represents the active node that you see on the GUI // Later on when you want it gone... REMOVE x. // or... REMOVE NEXTNODE. Or create the node though other means and use NEXTNODE. But I'll fire it up tonight and test it.
  5. I wonder if there's a way to have a warning that's like "Hey, you set up a trigger just before a program ended".
  6. This is a bug in 0.8. Please try 0.81, sorry!
  7. I wasn't able to replicate this but your logic sounds right, looks like somebody already made a pull request to swap these so I'll merge it and It'll be in the next release
  8. It's based on a straight line between you and a position that's calculated from the latlng you gave it, and assumes that the target altitude is the same as your altitude. So for now, it gets less accurate with distant targets, since the intent is to give you the surface distance you'll have to travel to reach that target. (Not the distance you'd have to tunnel through kerbin to go directly to that point). But for close targets it's a good enough approximation for now until I fix it.
  9. I'm taking the first step now toward better parsing by having a special regex builder. This allows me to take complicated regexes like these ^SOMETHING\(([ :@A-Za-z0-9\.\-\+\*/\"]+),([ :@A-Za-z0-9\.\-\+\*/\"]+),([ :@A-Za-z0-9\.\-\+\*/\"]+)\)$ ^PRINT (.+)$ ^LOG (.+?) TO (.+?)$ And boil them down to these SOMETHING_(3) PRINT * LOG * TO % This is not the end of the story, but this will help ensure things like that whitespace is always handled the same way, variables names are always processed using the same rules, etc.
  10. Someday I'll get around to putting the archive folder into the new structure
  11. Wow! Very well done! I'd like to feature this video on the kOS dev blog, please let me know if that's cool with you.
  12. Sadly, there's no rounding function yet, and it may be part of a future expressions overhaul
  13. This is correct, and I'm considering my options for what to do with kOS in this regard, but the options I've looked at seem like they'd take weeks or months to integrate into what I have. Frankly I never thought the language would get as much use as it is!
  14. Hey man, I got your pm and have now responded. Cheers
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