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  1. Great Idea. But I was wondering... In Ptolemy's system, the Sun's orbit lies between Venus and Mars. Why have you placed the Sun inside of Moho's orbit?
  2. While the "No" percentage has been dropping, the statistical significance of the result may be increasing. For example, an 80% result with 100 votes may be less significant than a 73% result with 750 votes.
  3. I think Squad has pushed things forward so they can get a free ride on the Dawn and New Horizons hype train.
  4. Yes, if you start going back up it "cuts" the chutes. So be careful.
  5. If you are having memory limit problems, use the Active Memory Reduction Mod. It will reduce texture sizes.
  6. When launching from Kerbin to the Mun, what trajectory should I follow? Do I want to be as close to the Mun as possible for my (lunar periapsis) insertion burn, or as far away as possible?
  7. Mousing over the part you think you have connected to should light up the connected part as well. Or you can click on the part you think you connected to (hopefully with the new part attached) and then reattach both parts together to the ship.
  8. If you look a couple of pages back, someone has made replacements for the texture files. These result in some huge memory savings apparently. I haven't tried it yet, but this may be an option.
  9. My latest 230 tonne station. Launched thanks to KWRocketry.
  10. I'm using the Hollow Stuctures and Hulls Mod for the station and KWRocketry to launch it. It's mass is about 230 tonnes.
  11. There is a "legacy" file in the OP that might have what you're looking for. The OP hasn't made the floor/wall sections yet for the new Ultralite parts yet. You can use those fuel tank walls for now or maybe one of those plate adapters.
  12. The HSH folder should be placed in the gamedata folder. The parts should then be available in sandbox mode only.
  13. I think the smallest kerbal capsule drains about 900 units/day, but doesn't really need it. I used about 50 batteries for a return trip to Minmus before I found out I could just shut them down.
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