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  1. Hey, I was wondering if Routine Mission Manager has been abandoned, since it's been quite a while since it's been updated.

    1. Cloakedwand72


      It’s been updated via CKAN.

    2. Duke Leto

      Duke Leto

      Yeah, I eventually found out.  Thanks though.

  2. ModuleEnginesFX is a class which inherits from ModuleEngines. This means ModuleEnginesFX expands on the functionality of ModuleEngines, but can still do the same stuff. When ModuleEnginesFX were introduced I didn't know this and wrote all these separate sections of code to interact with either ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX. Later when I was also a little more familiar with C#, I noticed this. Since all of these separate block were unnecessary I corrected this everywhere in the mod, since ModuleEnginesFX can be treated as ModuleEngines so there was never a reason do duplicate all this code.
  3. Update: -compiled against 1.5.1 libraries -added functionality to show the cost of the delivery when pressing "Check delivery" before making an actual delivery. This functionality was requested by a user. As I uploaded this unto spacedock I found out there is already a new version of KSP... Update update: -compiled against 1.6.0 libraries. version 025
  4. The window in which you can configure the throttle controls does not allow you to enter keys besides the once which produce a character. I will check if there is some way to do so. In the main mod window there is a button "Deactivate module" this will deactivate the mod completely and return functionality back to regular operation. It is however possible the thrust limiter has been set by the mod to some other value then the regular 100%, for example zero. This might prevent engines from working after the mod is deactivated. The "All Normal" button can be pressed, before deactiv
  5. You're welcome, glad to hear it is of use! ===================== General update: currently working on some new features. Have added functionality so kerbals which are scheduled for a mission, are actually reserved on the astronaut roster from the moment of Launch. Currently in testing. This will enable longer mission, to destinations outside Kerbin and its moons to be supported in a more realistic manner. Also just started working on some things to eventually make routine missions to and from the surface of other planets possible, but this is still in early phases of de
  6. Update revised version of routine mission manager -improved UI --in game manual --detailed information of tracked missions --ordering forms gives more info on the to be ordered mission and gives feedback on any not met requirements. --overview of all ordered missions -no longer nessecary to be away from a destination station for a mission to complete. (this comes at the cost of missions no longer completing when there is other traffic in the area of the destination) -support for missions which have reusable stages which return for kerbin for recovery. Example: a rocket wit
  7. Hi Atis, To make these type of modifications to the mod I would really encourage you to take a look at the revised version of the mod I've been working on. Code has restructured and is a lot cleaner than the current version of the mod. See this post for download of this version. I've also pushed the last code changes to github and added a link to github in the opening post of this thread. With this version in hand solving the problems you have will be somewhat more straightforward. The current mod already has code to store vessels. Storing of a vessel happens in the tracking
  8. The behaviour you describe is indeed what the mod would do if the crew you request are already assigned, so this is not a mod conflict. The code changes you propose would correct this behaviour. However this particular behaviour was intentional. It allowing the player to select astronauts which are currently not available but might be available when the mission starts. This crew is also identified as a preferred crew. When not available for the mission the manager selects any astronaut available to prevent the mission not completing because one astronaut did not report in on time.
  9. Update -compiled for 1.4 -added support for engines which have a minimum thrust which was ignored as soon as this mod was enabled. -making these also some error in center of thrust calculations where found when the engine adjustment hovers around zero percent. This has been improved.
  10. Hi HurrucanKai, how are things going? Is there a development thread where people can track your progress? When writing this post a got an automated warning I was necroing and old thread, this gives some indication how active I am on this forum. Update Compiled the mod for 1.4.
  11. The mod requires a part to be added to your vessel. This part is found under controls. This mod only works for the vanilla engine modules, not sure how fire spitter factor into this, which is what the A7 Aerosport Engine uses. Best is to test if the same happen for stock engines. Could well be I don't take this into account, will add this for the next release for the next KSP version, assuming it's feasible.
  12. Thanks for the info: the save itself shouldn't effect the fix I made in 027, so I'm probably still missing something.
  13. Released an update for revised version of the mod: see this post for dropbox link. -found and fixed where vessel give error when docking to complex station. -added ability to delete mission trackings. During testing I ended up with all these uncompleted trackings which cluttered up the overview screen. These can now be deleted. -times in tracking detail window now given in a more readable format. -under the hood how the arrival and departure logic is called was changed. Arrival and departure take far less time to complete and are expected to be more stable. -a few UI t
  14. This issue has been reported a few months ago (post). Although I could not reproduce the issue, I believed I had fixed the way it could happen in version 027. Have you tried this version? It is the third update for the mod for KSP 1.3.0. If you're already using version 027 and this is still happening, I would love to know.
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