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  1. Well I did the youtube search and most uploads are more then a year old. I guess I will change back the way I have this mod, works with the others
  2. So I would like to try this out but im confussed, "The MMI Satellite and Payload Packs can still be" do I NEED to use these parts or are they just extra? If I need them why are they not in the download link in the first thread? Never mind! Anyone know a good tutorial for this? And can I put this in my Mods map? KSP/Gamedata/mods Scott Manley, like allways thank you. Last question remains. Cant play atm so if this question gets a answer before I can I would love it
  3. not against it would be nice without any parts just like crew manifest
  4. Well thanks for the respons Im thinking on Duna since alot of people go there after Mun instead of Minmus. And like you say Duna have a atmosphere, lower then Kerbin but anyway, aerobraking manuvers in a couple of orbits, parachutes with a litle bit of thrust from the engines and landing gear out. Think the hardest part is to get there with fuel left, atleast for me mohaha. I love this forum So many helpfull people
  5. Hello! So I've send probes, rovers and kerbals to the Mun and Minmus, built a space station in Kerbin orbit and now I would like to see other planets/moons in the Kerbol system. My question is, where should I go first or what is the easiest planet/moon outside of Kerbin? What do you think? Please, if you have the time make a list and maybe say why this is the easiest My guess would be another planet and from that planet to a moon/satellite. We have from the Kerbol and out(Wiki): *Moho (planet) *Eve (planet) -Gilly (asteriod) *Kerbin (planet) -Mun (moon) -Minmus (moon) *Duna (planet) -Ike (moon) *Dres (planet) *Jool (planet) -Laythe (??) -Vall (??) -Tylo (moon) -Bop (asteroid/moon?) -Pol (??) *Eeloo (planet) Btw, a satellite.. is exactly what? Read that a "Natural satellite or moon is a celestial body that orbits a planet or a smaller body." So in another word of satellite is..
  6. The poodle, cant get the hang of it when to use this.. slow.. engine
  7. Yeah they should move the end flight buttom or atleast add a "Do you want to end the flight Yes-No" window. Well congratulations on the landing If you manage to get into a orbit around the mun the hard part is over Aim for the retrograd marker and burn burn burn, be careful the last 100 meters and make sure you dont have a to high velocity and you should be fine
  8. Battlestar Pegasus because it looks cool! The Borg "ship" because its the only one I've seen Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter (SWTOR) vs Falcon (Star Wars IV-V-VI)
  9. Granted, It now shrinks everytime and yours will grow. I wish for a helicopter
  10. Yeah I did check the Wiki again I start thinking on the atmospheric height, if there isn't any atmosphere, check the highest terrain. If there is a atmospheric height be above it. Sorry everyone for the stupidity, didn't exatly think straight. 101-physic. Thank you for the chart! Now I dont need the wiki for that part anymore Aeshi if you don't mind, I will add that to my first post for anyone that thinks like I did couple mins ago. Thank you Aeshi for the chart and thanks to everyone else that freshed up my mind.
  11. So where is the limit of every Planet/Moon for the lowest orbit before the gravity takes you and you start to "fall" down towards the surface. I checked the Wiki but I didn't understand exactly what to look for. Example: Wiki - Says the lowest stable orbit for Kerbin is 70km. So I could make a orbit at 70km but if it would go down to 69km, where the Atmospheric Height is, I would start falling? This planet has a atmospheric height but not every planet does. Im confussed... What exatly should I look at on the Wiki? (or if you have the time and feel for it you could post it here ) Edit: Thank you all for the mind explotion 101 physics and thank you Aeshi for this chart:
  12. Someone know a updated list of all the anomalies? No need for the cords but I want to know how many there is. The Wiki is not updated and the cords list is not complete what I know of. Exampel: The Wiki dont say anything about the giant track marks on M*****