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  1. Check that out, and this actually had a LEM Lander too. (and it popped off and used RCS to return to the capsule)
  2. before .24, it used to be that you were able to see the box even in f2
  3. Upload the image to the internet, with Imgur or Deviantart(stash), THEN post it to here - - - Updated - - - mod for the space center change?
  4. You can use steam... You just need to view the image/click the image enough to get the actual image and post with the insert image button Example
  5. What you guy think? I was bored and had family over...
  6. not a problem, but man, I just got back to the forums after 2 months of not getting on, only to see this
  7. I think a trail would be nice in game for falling objects.
  8. and this is what I saw: (also first time seeing this) Also the 22nd was when I graduated
  9. To make it easier for yourself: Manned Asteroid Detector Satellite or just MADS
  10. HA, ha... huh.. it's funny, cause I made that. (somewhat)
  11. Ha, I was looking for a like button... I've been on too many social sites...
  12. you can use the insert image button to do this: uses the URL too
  13. So I had that part on my game, but when I hovered over it it just expanded.