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  1. KSP is not an "Xbox One + Windows 10" title, so any Xbox achievements would not be unlockable on PC. The best you can hope for is for Steam achievements to someday be implemented, but that hasn't happened yet (as far as I'm aware -- I don't have the Steam version).
  2. Mako

    Time for KSP 2.0

    While this build-an-engine-from-scratch approach would most likely be ideal for a game such as KSP, I don't think we'll see it happen. It would take a lot of time, a lot of money, and a team that's capable of creating such a thing. Could Take-Two make those things happen? I'm fairly certain they can afford it. But is there enough profit in it to warrant it? That seems to me to be a lot less likely. Even if we were to entertain such ambitious hopes, we'd be looking at a thing that likely wouldn't be available for 4 to 5 years. Even if they've started already, we probably wouldn't see anything until 2022 at the earliest, and even then it might just be early looks at something still in a pre-release state. As much as I'd like to see something like this, I just don't see Take-Two taking one chance on such a niche product that would require the amount of resources as I'd love to see devoted to something like KSP. I dont even think it's possible even if they can figure out a way to incorporate recurring purchases into this new, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up KSP... ...One finger curls on the monkey's paw... KSP 2.0! Now with color-coded loot drops for parts, microtransactions, and DLC skins! Only $60! Add the season pass* for only $20! Preorder your copy and get these fantastic pre-order only part skins! Buy the SOLAR SYSTEM EDITION to get the season pass* included for only $75! Or the GALAXY EDITION with the season pass*, a set of unique GALAXY EDITION skins, a copy of the soundtrack, and 4 digital wallpapers for only $90! Or, for the little Kerbalnaut who just has to have it all, the UNIVERSE EDITION! It includes the season pass*, a set of unique skins, soundtrack, wallpapers, an "I bought the most expensive version of KSP 2.0" t-shirt (One Size Fits All), a disapppinting Kerbal figurine, and you can download the game a week before everyone else for just $150! *Season pass content and release date to be announced at a later date. Honestly, I'd almost be okay with it going that way. At least then Take-Two's purchase of KSP would start to make some sense. As it stands I just don't see how they plan to make money off of one niche title that came out of early access and had its big debut/fanfare about 2 years prior to their purchase of it.
  3. Mako

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    But it DOES run on linux. It just doesn't support a joystick. Look, I get your point about it was working and now it's not, and I completely understand your frustration. The thing is, if the devs have interacted with the bug report then they're aware of the situation, and by now any one from Squad who cares about the situation knows how you feel. If bringing it up with relative frequency provides you some amount of positive feeling(s), then I guess you keep doing you, but otherwise I'm just not sure what you hope to get out of it. After all, you're , so you should already know what to expect. Maybe if you complain enough Squad will remove joystick support for everyone. It's probably far easier, and more believable, than fixing joystick support for linux, at any rate. Then everyone is equal again, except the console folks, of course.
  4. Mako

    Distrusting mods

    I haven't used a lot of mods for KSP personally, but judging by the general lack of freaking out over mods on the forums, I have to guess that KSP mods themselves aren't causing PC issues. That being said, people usually browse websites to find mods, and websites themselves can be the transmission source of malware/adware. KSP mods all largely come from a few generally regarded as safe websites (again, judging by the lack of people reacting negatively on the forums). However, mod sites for other games, especially extremely popular games like Minecraft, can sometimes be a source of problems. How well do you trust the places you use to find and download mods? Compromised websites can potentially compromise your PC even if you never actively download a single thing from them. Any mod can have malicious code in it, but, as others point out, most/all KSP mods should be making their source code available which reduces the risk of malicious KSP mods. It seems highly unlikely that KSP mods are responsible for the issues you describe. I would strongly suspect unsafe browsing habits by one or more users to be the problem. Also, be wary of any free software you have to install with an installer. For mods or just in general. It's become a not uncommon practice, even for some decent, legitimate free software, to have installers install malware/Potentially-Unwanted-Programs alongside whatever you're actively trying to install. If you just click next/continue through the installer without carefully reading each screen, you might inadvertently allow the installer to install unwanted software. This might turn out to be a good learning experience for you and your brother both in how to detect, remove, and avoid problematic/unwanted software. I wish I could recommend further reading, but I'm going by the accumulation of many years of personal experience and many learning experiences of my own. Good luck to you and your brother.
  5. Mako

    Making history for consoles

    The trouble with asking for an answer is that they might not even have an answer. Maybe they want to update the console versions to be in parity (as much as possible, at least) with the PC versions, but don't know if they'll be able to. Should they tell you yes, and then fail to deliver? Should they tell you no, and upset you that way instead? Or should they remain silent, do what they can, and see what happens? There is no good answer if they can't guarantee an outcome, and my bet is that the only thing they can guarantee is that they won't do more work. That would be very easy for them to deliver on. Not having an answer or even any idea or hint about future plans is pretty frustrating. As a PC player, I'm frustrated I don't have any idea about the future of KSP; I can only imagine how console players feel. The only thing I can say is: if you want development to continue, no news is good news. The only product Squad works on is KSP, and they don't even own it now. They no longer have a product to sell directly. So if Squad wants to keep making money, it's in their best interest their keep working on KSP. That's about the most hope I can offer. And just going by track record for PC or console, I suspect it's much more than Squad will offer.
  6. Mako

    Future of Console?

    @pandaman has it right, there is no information. At least in this the console versions are the same as the PC versions; there's no news about the future of the PC versions either.
  7. Mako

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    Does it need to? No, its a video game about an impossibly small solar system with a bunch of unrealistic stuff already. @GregroxMun has pointed out how the stats don't match the models and how the models (and their swapped stats) are inspired by specific real-world historical engines. These parts arrived in an expansion called Making History, not Making Stuff Up, and in that context it makes sense for the stats to match the models in a way that lines up with their historical inspiration. If a stat swap affects your crafts, you can always avoid the update or mod the files manually or with Module Manager. I do sympathize with your predicament, but if it's wrong it should be fixed. Engines got updates to their stats a while back to make sure their stats made some sense with their models, and I don't see any good reason to go against that line of thinking now.
  8. Also Redshell customer tracking, which according to Redshell's website is to allow devs/publishers to track effectiveness of advertising and sales of software. It's all fairly innocuous stuff, but it is customer tracking and it didn't show up until Take-Two's new EULA. I don't think it's some conspiracy or anything like that. All I'm saying is that apart from an external QA team which obviously wasn't given much time to work on 1.4 and Making History before release, tracking software has been Take-Two's only other known notable contribution to KSP.
  9. Well, since the issue is identified as a deficiency in the version of Unity that is currently used, I'd say it's not getting fixed until Unity fixes it AND Squad updates KSP to a version of Unity that has it fixed. I'd guess it would be over a year at least before KSP switches Unity versions again, if it even happens again before development winds down. I wouldn't be surprised if it never gets fixed at all, honestly. Unfortunately the subset of joystick users of the subset of Linux users is probably small enough that the priority of such a fix is pretty limited in a limited resource environment. Since playing the game without a joystick is completely possible, as long as the game works okay on Linux I suspect Squad won't (maybe even can't due to inexperience) work on a fix outside of implementing a new version of Unity (if that ever happens again). It's not like Take-Two seems to be throwing resources at KSP. Who knows what they're doing with regards to KSP (besides adding third-party tracking software).
  10. If I had to guess I'd say sometime after the heat death of the universe, but before Half-Life 3.
  11. Mako

    Missions and MH

    Exit the game, or at least Alt-Tab away from it. Open your web browser of choice and log in (or make an account if you don't already have one) to KerbalX, CurseForge, or really just any file hosting site. Come back to this forum and make a post with a description and a link to your file upload in the Missions and Challenges part of the forums.
  12. Mako

    KSP Weekly: Something about TESS

    For the one player who unknowingly has a vehicle in the exact wrong spot, I would guess that anything ranging from nothing happens to game crashes on load of that specific save file could occur. It seems likely that it would be possible to edit the save file to still be usuable (it's just a text file, after all), but worse case scenario that save file would not be compatible with the new update. My guess is we'll never know because it seems incredibly unlikely to happen (unless someone intentionally parks a ludicrous amount of vehicles all over the desert in hopes of finding out).
  13. Mako

    Need help on laythe ascent stage

    For Laythe surface to orbit launches there's no need to hyperedit anything; just test from Kerbin. If you can get off of Kerbin at sea level you can get off of Laythe.
  14. Mako

    Landing spaceplanes on Duna.

    Practice landing on Kerbin. Seriously. Duna's atmosphere is rather thin compared to Kerbin and Laythe and that's probably why you're having trouble slowing down. Landing practice on Kerbin would give you a better idea of what to expect. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm mistaken in this, but I've always tested Laythe landers/planes on Kerbin. Good luck.
  15. Mako

    Courage and Stupidity

    At this point in development, it seems extremely unlikely. Once upon a time there was likely a plan for a gameplay purpose to the stats, but it seems like that was left behind a long time ago. At this point, if a gameplay purpose for stats gets added I suspect it would be as shallow as career mode itself. That being said, I do run a meritocratic space program: only those that excel at both stats get hired...