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  1. KSP Challenge: Visit Eve's atmosphere!

    Okay. Here I was thinking we had to design a vessel that could handle Eve's atmosphere AND cargo that could handle the atmosphere and landing. I might give this a go. It's been a long time since I went to Eve.
  2. KSP Challenge: Visit Eve's atmosphere!

    Don't objects/vessels in atmospher auto-disappear below a certain altitude if you're not controlling them and leave physics range? I thought they did. If that's still the case, is it possible to drop something to the surface during the atmosphere dive? I guess you could land, or try to slow down and drop it close to the ground, but that doesn't sound like much of a dive anymore. If I'm wrong then that's pretty neat, because I remember when any object auto-deleted long before it could land unless you were controlling it or controlling a vessel within the physics range of it.
  3. They have already said that the store will be back for folks who bought KSP directly from the website. Your question was asked and answered, maybe in this thread or maybe in a Weekly. Unfortunately info is scattered all over the place and is easy to miss. By the way, even if you bought the steam version now, you wouldn't lose progress. You could copy your saves between installs pretty easily.
  4. Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    I'm genuinely glad you've had such a positive experience. The reason I maintain my position of wait and see if problems are fixed is because not everyone has had such a positive experience and there's no guarantee that things will be fixed. Everyone hopes they will be fixed, but after a lot of work, a release, two patches, a lot more work, and then a re-release people are still feeling negatively about the console versions due to bugs. I think it's best if people have as much info as possible, so it's great to have your positive experience voiced as well. Then folks can make the decision that best suits them. And hopefully the upcoming patch makes a whole lot more folks feel positive about their purchase of KSP on consoles.
  5. The assumption is it will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as it always has been (at least since I've been an owner and forum-goer -- around beginning of 2013). Maybe it's been mentioned explicitly somewhere, but I can't imagine they'd stop providing Mac and Linux versions all of a sudden. And it's always been simultaneous releases.
  6. Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    Analog control of vehicles, especially planes and rovers, is generally preferable, and analog control of vehicles with a mouse is generally pretty miserable. I can see why people would prefer a controller for some stuff. However, when it comes to things like vehicle building, especially complex vehicles, would want a keyboard and mouse every time. That being said, the number one reason I advocate waiting to get the console versions is the number of complaints I've seen. Through normal play, there have been too many people experiencing significant issues that should be fixable, so it makes sense to me to wait.
  7. Trust me, if instead of a silhouette it was a fully rendered/textured Kerbal you would see that it's only the head and torso of a Kerbal with arms at its sides. I will absolutely agree that it's easy to see arms and legs the way the image was made, but it doesn't look like that's what the artist intended. First off, Kerbal arms aren't that thin. Second, if those are legs why are they two wildly different sizes and only occupy two of the three boosters in such a weird way? And last, Kerbals are not that squat. Squad has never depicted a Kerbal the way you are describing and I don't see why they would do so now and in such a poor manner. I'm positive it's just a bad composition and if the rocket shape was rotated clockwise a few more degrees or if the Kerbal was textured it would be more clear. But I 100% agree in its current state it does look like a derpy, squat, skinny-armed, misshapen-legged Kerbal attempting self-powered flight. If this is final art that makes it into the game or is used in adverts and/or on store pages it would be a shame. It's fine for a mock-up, but it needs work before I'd put it in/on a product. The lettering position/spacing being uneven bothers me too.
  8. Xbox 1 cheat menu discovered!!!!!

    I don't think too many people get upset about spoilers to things like inside jokes. Based on the clue Squad gave, you either know what they're talking about -- you're in on the secret -- or you have no idea and just want to use a feature they've openly discussed as available to all console players for months and then surprisingly obscured behind some unrelated decades-old video game nostalgia that not everyone might be in on. The second I read Squad's post I knew what they meant, but as evidenced in that same thread not everyone did. I think the statue of limitations on twee nostalgic obfuscations has been exceeded and if someone needs to do a search for how to access the menu they probably don't care about spoiling the secret.
  9. The rocket shape does appear to be unfortunately aligned with the Kerbal silhouette, but I think that what you're thinking are arms outstretched in a T-pose is actually the collar on the space suit. But maybe I'm telling you something you already knew and your humor flew right over my head; I've been know to miss humor before. That said, it probably wouldn't hurt and it might actually help if they rotated the rocket shape clockwise to maybe 30 degrees and gave the Kerbal his helmet so the collar stops looking like arms.
  10. You can always copy the KSP folder from wherever Steam installs it and paste it to wherever you want and run the game from there. You can do that as much as you want. Want to make 5 different installs with various different mods you can do it. Just copy the KSP folder from Steam as much as you want and you'll never need internet to launch the game. Those copies won't auto-update, so they won't break mods when Squad releases an update. You don't need anything but the Steam version if you prefer Steam, you just need to do a copy&paste to never have that problem again.
  11. I completely understood your point. My point wasn't that there's already a mod for parachutes, it was that however Squad decides to restrict parachute access a person could always make a mod to make parachute access different. If you think parachutes should be available at Level 0, guess what! There will probably be a mod for that. If you think they should be available at the same time as EVAs, guess what! There will probably be a mod for that. It doesn't really matter how Squad decides to do it, you can change it to be how you want with mods. Hooray mods!
  12. I actually thought they would have tied it to a building upgrade instead of astronaut level similar to the ability to EVA. But I suppose it hardly matters what Squad choses when you can just mod it to behave how you prefer.
  13. Okay, I understand your perception of the situation, but in this case KSP doesn't require an internet connection to play. Since KSP is DRM free, you can run the Steam version directly with or without starting Steam, so it will work whether you're online or offline. I suspect the expansion will be this way as well, but I guess we don't know for sure. In your case, since you prefer the convenience of Steam you should probably buy only that version. Unless you feel some strong desire to give Take-Two twice as much money.
  14. Do you play both versions? If so, why? They are no different and you can have multiple installs with the steam version. I can't think of any reason you would buy the Making History expansion two times.
  15. Just because it's common doesn't mean that it's the best way to do things. I'm of the opinion that it presents the game as unpolished. For an indie title from a smaller studio many folks will probably make an exception. I know I do. But very often a polished game isn't one that's going to ask it's players to stop playing the game to go figure out how to play the game. The game's community should not have to be the best place to go to learn how to interact with the game. Here's the thing: when you've released something broken and then over a year later you claim to have fixed it and it is now "Enhanced" you should take every effort to make sure easily catchable things like controls are fully tested, explained, and working. Testing controls has to be the easiest thing about testing KSP. In a game where testing everything could prove a challenge especially for a team with little to no experience with KSP, testing the controls should be easier as it's pretty straightforward to determine and compare the expected result to the actual result. If you call something "Enhanced" and don't deliver a product the customers perceive as enhanced, it will likely go over poorly for everyone involved. Controls, UI interaction, and the in-game communication of both could have been one of the easier ways to prove how enhanced the re-release is, but they dropped the ball. I'm hopeful that at least with the patch(es), they'll get the controls and UI working right, but I hold no hope for the in-game communication as its never been particularly good.