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  1. As I recall there were a few forum posts on older versions of the game (when the antennas were introduced) stating that the starting antenna is actually optimal and that the later ones should be used only for looks, which was, yeah, kinda dumb in my opinion. But they may have rebalanced them in recent versions?
  2. Be aware that if the asteroid is on a direct collision course and you are using FAR, you may not be able to land it 'gently'. Should be fine with stock soupy aerodynamics though, especially with drogues (otherwise that 500m sudden deployment will probably rip all your chutes off due to the asteroid's sheer inertia). Remember that you have a few days before impact, giving you plenty of time to plan your intercept.
  3. You can alter its orbit with hyperedit, however. It's pretty impressive when you have it deorbit the Mun (or Minmus) and then timewarp from the KSC and watching it fall out of the sky. Of course, the game glitches out as the two SOI's intersect unfortunately.
  4. Also, Gilly. Suck that moon dry with all the contracts you can get, they are going to be incredibly cheap in terms of delta-v cost. Once you're there with a small ship, a lander and a probe or two, each contract is maybe 40 m/s dv tops, and they pay out pretty well both in cash and especially science (which you can trade for cash using the admin building).
  5. That's... 14 hours a day over 72 days, damn Myself, I'd say half an hour I guess. I don't play often, but when I do it's in 3-4 hour segments.
  6. I'm not exactly sure since I tend to delete them after use anyway, but if I had to guess I'd say somewhere on the low end of 100-500.
  7. Also, in the map view there are little arrows on the orbit that indicate the direction your satellite should be going. You can use these to make sure you launch/transfer with the right inclination.
  8. "Okay, we're going to start tests on the new SSTO prototype. We need 18 brave kerbals to report to the spaceplane hangar immediately."
  9. I used the Mk3 cargo bay and assorted adapters/fuel tanks inline on a rocket to launch payloads into orbit. They are sufficiently wide to accept 2.5m payloads, which is nice. I have found it tends to be much less wobbly than putting the payload on top of the rocket, and also looks much cooler IMHO. Didn't manage to design a working spaceplane with them, though. They are so bulky.
  10. You can also change the thrust limiter on your engine to the lowest possible setting, that allows for ultra-precise maneuvering.
  11. Hello, I've been playing around with modding KSP for a little bit, and am wondering if there is a way to change the craft's orientation to point in a specific direction in space similar to how Hyperedit can change the spacecraft's position, without involving physics forces? Just a direct, clean change of orientation. Any coordinate system will do as long as I know which one it is. I found a Translate() method in the Vessel class, but I didn't find any corresponding Orient() method or whatever, the SetRotation() method seems to affect angular velocity rather than angular position, and hacking i
  12. Your profile -> find latest posts (or threads). The main view is only for recent activity.
  13. They do specify "on the surface" however. I am not 100% sure but I do recall at least one occasion where I took the EVA report on the ladder and nothing happened, then let go and took the report on the surface and completed the survey (it was on Gilly).
  14. Some of the survey contracts have pretty large areas, yeah. But a few are ridiculously specific to the point of frustration, in one of my first survey contracts on Kerbin (surface EVA or something) the survey area was barely a few hundred meters in radius. My rocket-plane would literally fly through it in under three seconds. Eventually I got bored, landed "next" to it and walked for 15 minutes towards it before being able to complete it. It wasn't fun. Honestly the best in my opinion would just be to make them (at least the surface ones, maybe not the "in flight" ones which tend to have a com
  15. The tracking station doesn't show debris (= objects without a control pod) by default, they need to be checked in the top left corner. That might be it?
  16. I've seen people recommend to increase your starting funds by a bit to make the initial grind less tedious. Once you're past the first couple of upgrades stuff gets much easier and a lot more fun. And it's not that hard to do basic orbital maneuvers in LKO without maneuver nodes. He's not "trolling", I think your sarcasm detector may need some adjustment. And "rocket bay" obviously means the VAB, maybe he's playing a non-english version of the game.
  17. I don't think that could happen in the game though given aerobraking isn't simulated while on rails (unless you were following it with a ship within 2.5km, which would be fun but might be challenging during the aerocapture). Also, I haven't yet seen any asteroids that dip into Kerbin's atmosphere, I've had a few on a collision course and some with a pretty close periapsis, but none lower then 200km altitude. I imagine it's possible though.
  18. You haven't accepted them, they are just there for you to pick up when you're ready in the list of available contracts.
  19. Having finally unlocked the full tech tree on my 0.25 save I designed a new launcher for hauling stuff into LKO and specifically to my station. Nothing exceptional, it can lift up to 30 tons to the station (150km altitude) without issues, and could probably lift 40 tons into a 75km orbit. What's nice about it is it doesn't have too many parts and stages, making it convenient to use. I use it to bring the second power module up to my station here (procedural fairings, realchutes): It was mostly to practise direct launch-to-station rendezvous. Oh, and I also put a rover on Duna, but I landed it
  20. Should've added a large SAS on the booster stage. *reverts to vehicle assembly*
  21. Ah, okay. Noted, missed that post (wasn't sure what you were replying to )
  22. Well done, that was extremely deep and insightful. Now if you could explain how events that will (inevitably?) occur a few billion years from now are relevant today, on our timescale, and hence of relevance to this thread
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