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  1. Joined on Thanksgiving day 2011, back when the game was free, and there was no moon. (That was 0.12). Good times, good times
  2. Go land on every body, plant at least one flag for just a Klondike Bar. Then your a pro.
  3. If that is true, then the oceans really could be (bio) fuel like the Devs said. Also, who knows, maybe underneath the bacteria infested surface there are the previous remains the bacteria, solidified into solid fuels. Eve could be for all we know; A giant wet lump of coal.
  4. Depends on the term, With cheats (Mechjeb and infinite resources) all of them. In vanilla sandbox all the bodies except Moho, and in Career mode, only the moons of Kerbin.
  5. Spiff Kerman -"Our valiant hero; Space man Spiff Kerman on the surface of Ike, battling the strange alien menace; The Kraken!!!"
  6. Yesssss, more gas giants to fail at areobreaking! XD
  7. I was landing a polar rover on Ike as apart of my Duna-Ike-Robotics-Mission or DIRM, so I was at 15000 M doing a de-orbit burn and you will not believe what happened; I managed to crash into the magic bolder. Its hard to get a screenshot when you crash at 500m/s so I don't have a screenshot to show. But ever since, I have never gone back to Ike.
  8. Ike, I don't know how I managed this, but when I was landing my polar rover at about 15000 M, I got slammed by the magic bolder. I am not joking, so ever since I have never gone back or ever want to.
  9. Good for them, to me, it doesn't matter the cultures, only two things mater, 1, science. 2, pretty pictures. I think people could agree with that.
  10. Wow.... I need a minute to pick my jaw off the floor.
  11. Its ridiculous and humorous at the same time, (it could explain why their eyes are so big). But for me, I could see this big zoom in ability for possible future parts for things such as telescopes. So it has potential, but it needs to be in the correct places. (Aka; not in IVA).
  12. Nice, My favorite planet to look at is Saturn. One night I even got a clear look at Titan and a few other moons in the same view. Sadly I dont have the right specs to snap pictures of it and it's moons. Hopefully I can get a look at Jupiter it's moons before the winter starts here.
  13. AHAHHAHAHAHA! No more squid or octopi for you!
  14. I think I need a new screen saver.
  15. I love lego and KSP, so put the two together and KABAM! Its a cool idea and it would fill my very empty desk with something other my monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Great idea!
  16. There is a technically no limit between a terrestrial planet's size, and the type of planet it is, a planet being big enough does not necessarily make it a gas giant, a gas giant will form in the outer, more hydrogen, helium, and methane rich areas, they grow large because they use gravitational force to pull these gases into gas planets, so in a sense, a gas giant literally, "eats" its area of gases up, which on a scale of a proto-planetary disc, is a HUGE area... If a so-called "super earth" were to exist, it would literally have to take massive amounts of rocks, ice, or other solid materials into itself to form, and it is possible that other larger planets would be interfered by this huge body to collide and make it BIGGER!!! The point is, planets grow big because of the area they form in, not because of their common large sizes, but their history and orbits around their star... Its a cool idea though!
  17. You may or may of not of heard of this theory, but its possible that earth back billions of years ago had two moons, but according to the theory, the other smaller crashed into the other. Could the same process of formation the Mün and Minmus be the same? In my opinion, it makes sence, the Müns greater gravitational influence and size could of flung Minmus into a more, inclined and eccentric orbit around Kerbin, making Kerbin's moon system's formation just like ours except the other moon being flung out farther. After all, it's just a theory, but what do you all think?
  18. I like the Laythe one, the detail of the sand and Jool is incredible. and the one of Eve... Now that I think of it, they are all well done. Good work!
  19. I hope other games do this as well, It would be humorous to see this in Universe sandbox or space engine... Can't wait to check it out!
  20. Next feature to Kerbal Space Program: Kerbals vs. Kerzombies. Your mission: Destroys there Space Center on the Mun to suppress the evil undead plague!
  21. Kerbals need SOMETHING to keep themselves awake during missions. Notice how they never seem to sleep, they are always terrified, excited, etc during missions. This is because of the substance created by the KSP called "Koffee". Koffee consists of 4 major ingredients: Kocoa Beans, grown and found in the Island and tropical regions of Kerbin, it gives the Koffee a better flavor, Water, this gives the Koffee a liquid state, (preferably making it easier to consume by the kerbalnaut). Other ingredients added by the Kerbals, such as Milk, fresh from the Dairy farms to north of the K.S.C, sugar, to sweeten it, etc. And finally a classified substance to extend the Koffee's effect at keeping Kerbals awake. This is how Kerbals never, EVER sleep.
  22. There is almost CERTAINLY life on Laythe, but don't expect giant sea monsters, expect only cells and possibly very small multicellular organisms. Also, it could definitely be supported like the extremophiles by hydrothermal vents just like in Earthen oceans. And I assume everyone that has orbited Laythe agrees it has volcanoes and an active core charged because of strong Jool's magnetic field, just like some of the moons around Jupiter like Io and Europa, (Europa also has water and hopefully life like Laythe...)
  23. These are some of the coolest pics EVER, great, I need a new screen saver now....
  24. Moon Base, Humans are going to need to learn how to live without any connections of supplies from earth before we can send people off for almost a year and a half to Mars.
  25. Scott Manley http://www.youtube.com/user/szyzyg has guessed that it is unlikely frozen water, but it could be salt, or some other materials
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