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  1. Thats awesome! Id be happy to merge that PR and do the requisite CKAN stuff. Its awesome to see people interested Im sorry its gone so long without an update, I havent had any time to look into that recently, and have been leaving my curator responsibilities behind.
  2. Sorry about that, lol. I'd happily incorporate Barks's changes into the next release It isn't incompatible to my knowledge, just FAR control surfaces won't fail.
  3. ALPHA 6.3 I'm finally done with robotics and other such nonsense, and had some time to take a quick look at DangIt. I've pushed a quick built with Daishi's spare parts bay to SpaceDock: I also have a PR waiting at NetKAN for CKAN integration with SpaceDock. The only meaningful change with 0.6.3 is Daishi's spare parts bay -- and Daishi: I'm sorry for falling off the map there, you delivered me a perfect part and I was too busy with whatever nonsense I was up to to go the last mile. I'm really sorry. Hopefully this will breathe a little life into DangIt, and maybe expect further updates. For now, signing off: its 1AM here.
  4. [quote name='Kyrt Malthorn']...[/QUOTE] Only when active (definition of active depends on part) [quote name='Rocketmanreturns']...[/QUOTE] Hm... that really should work. That issue stinks of programmmer error. Ill take a look this weekend. Uninstallation shojld only cause issues if parts are failed when you uninstall it. Either way, Id back up your saves first. Sorry to see you go :( hopefully this issue has a simple cause, because I agree, some if the failure values are rediculous.
  5. I think Its fine as-is model wise (we have inline storage baus for people worried about asthetics after all.) I meant thay when I add it to a part it clips into the center of the part when I have KIS installed. Its probably something I messed up in the cfg, so it should be a quick fix. Thanks again man!
  6. Not yet I have it loading into the game, but whenever I put it on a ship (with the code setup) it clips into the part it's mounted on. Still working on it! That will definitely be in the next release, I just wanted to ship what's been in the pipeline for months for 1.0.5. I really appreciate the creation of this model, and I'm very sorry that it's taken me forever to move on it. I'll have it working soon, I've just had a hard time making room for DangIt. Thanks again man, and I really am sorry it's taken me so long.
  7. Alpha 0.6.2: I'm-not-dead edition - Supports KSP 1.0.5 - Allows fully disabling on a per-save basis - Fixes issue where you could use the amount tweaker to get half a spare part - Correctly check temp when doing maintenance - Correctly apply ModuleGimbalReliability to engine parts using ModuleEnginesFX - Move max temp config to a config file Update with CKAN or get it on KerbalStuff
  8. I've figured it out. For the record, the solution is !InputLockManager.lockStack.Keys.Contains("manualStageLock") (no space in manualStageLock, but for some reason it adds one.)
  9. How do I get the state of the stage lock? I can't figure it out. It's not under FlightCtrlState or FlightGlobals. Any ideas?
  10. Can you post a mod list? Preferably CKAN, or a screenshot of your GameData folder.
  11. Theoretically they should, but they do the same thing, so no guarantees. DangIt also works on RO/RSS last I checked This just means no control surface failures. Everything else works fine. - - - Updated - - - Not currently, but it is a greatly asked for feature, so something for this should come soonish
  12. 1: Motor failures don't do anything to the actual functionality, they are more for stuff like cargo bays, where without animation you can't get stuff out. 2: There is no detection of parachute distance. However, I've set it up so that if there is only one chute it cannot fail (I don't want to kill jeb at the last minute without any hope of rescue, that's no fun ) Thanks!
  13. @Minwaabi: Should work fine. It'll target any parts you have installed! @FutureMartian97: It's on the todo list. I don't have a lot of time to work on this right now, and probably won't until this summer.
  14. 0.5.1 Misc Fixes Support 2-axis tracking solar panels Support NovaPunch LES parts Special thanks to Svm420 for the NovaPunch patch and a tip off about the panels. <3 Get it on KerbalStuff or update with CKAN. Have fun!
  15. Whoa! I had no idea 2-axis panels were possible! Ill take a look at that. Thanms for the tip off - - - Updated - - - Until I can fix that, maybe add a NoFailureModules node to it? Ill include something for that in the next patch as well.