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  1. I've used this mod, and it's the closest to what I'm thinking of. The only change I'd make is rather than needing to ship 'building units' (or whatever they're called) up from the surface, just having the cost increased by some algarithm using the the apoaxis and periaxis - to (hopefully) accurately represent the cost of getting it into orbit. In a sandbox, it can pretty much be whatever you want it to be. My 'end game' was going to be launching a 20-kerbal mission to Eeloo with the life-support mod enabled, have enough supplies for them to stay for ten years - as well as kethane minin
  2. I was pretty much thinking an orbital VAB, with increased costs and a medium to low upper weight limit. And one you have to lift into orbit yourself.
  3. Ok, I know there are mods that allow you to build in orbit, but hear me out. As it currently stands, the end-game is clunky. The difficulty in building ships capable of interplanetary travel, landing and re-orbiting, and finally returning to Kerbin is multiplied by the need to get the ship into orbit into first place. Given that landings on other planets are usually taken after fly-bys, and moon landings, getting stuff into orbit isn't a new skill, and nor is it one that an orbital construction facility would bypass. Perhaps unlocking the technology to build the facility fairly late
  4. Title says it all, even if it is a bit unwieldy. When my spacecraft enter the visual range of my orbiting space station, the reported targets velocity immediately starts increasing at an alarming rate, even though neither craft is applying any thrust. I might be leasurly drifting towards the station at 10 m/s, but have a reported velocity of about 500 m/s. My current 'solution' is to use Alt-F4 to exit the game (did I mention the 'space center' menu button no longer works?), re-enter the game, and use the auto-save from when they entered the visual range to start again. The glitch isn't prese
  5. It took me a long time to land on the moon. One of my failures involve me in an orbit around the moon, and suddenly realizing I hadn't used radial decouplers to attach the 3 large empty fuel tanks. Testing craft before you spend an hour getting them to location is good...
  6. Hi all. I've been playing the demo for about two weeks now, and lurking the forums (and youtube videos) for about one week. I have purchased the full game on steam, but am resisting the urge to install it till after my exams are finished, in 10 days. So far, I've landed, and returned safely from Mun, launched capsules into orbit around Kerbin and done the closest I can at docking within the demo, and launched thing out of the Kerbol's range of influence. I look forward to playing with docking ports, rovers and the like... and especially look forward to participating in some of the challenges.
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