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  1. You don't need a mod, it's now part of a base game. I have a different issue, where other modules appear blue but only flash with the "selection" blue when moused over, so it takes like 30 clicks to make it work. Don't have a solution for you OP, just seems buggy in general.
  2. Success! It could be I'm bad at flying but in the end I just couldn't get the speed up with only 2 turbojets. 4 got me to speed easily but I ran out of air too quick. Added two more intakes and made it with almost 400 dV to spare, which is plenty to dock with the refueling depot. And that was even with forgetting to hotkey the rapiers so I had to manually swap them over. Not a big fan of how the back of the intakes look, but it's good enough. Thanks again to everyone for all the help!
  3. Thanks for all the help, especially Chris for trying it out. I'm close, but currently at the point where I either make it through the acceleration at 13km and don't have enough fuel to circularize, or I add more fuel and just start dropping at 13km when I stop my climb. I went back to the 2 jet engine version, so potentially I'll try out going back to 4 and see if that does it for me. But for today I'm piloted out. Thanks again!
  4. Switched the adapter to use 4 jets instead of 2 in the middle. Seems like I'm doing something wrong though. Going straight to 45 degrees gets me up to around 13km, I gain speed like crazy (can easily get up to over 1000 if I want to), but as soon as I pitch back up the engines flame out and I lose all my speed. Do I just need more air intakes so I can use the jets longer?
  5. Love the look and the ingenuity. Love the look so much I stole the wing design for my own SSTO, but I'm having trouble actually getting it to space. Think you could take a look?
  6. Having a lot of trouble with this. I stole the wing design from here: (Last picture is of old version, HyperEdit'd into orbit) But I just can't get anywhere with this thing. I looked up how to build a plane, and moved the wings back so lift was behind CoM. But no matter how much or how little I tilt up the same thing happens: 1. Quickly get up to ~300m/s 2. Rise slowly to ~10km, slowing down all the time 3. Start losing altitude I removed a lot of the fuel, emptying the back tank, removing half the oxidizer from the main tank, removing all oxidizer from the wing tanks. I made all the horizontal controls not do yaw and the tails only do yaw. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Download:
  7. Brand new save hits the same thing. Reloading doesn't help. I guess next step is to just reinstall, then I'll add mods in one by one.
  8. You're right Gesch, looks like they nerfed the hell out of the panels when they changed em to be more efficient with heat. When the sun rises on Eve (closer than Kerbin), I get 98% sunlight and produce 0.01. Sitting in the same place all day, pointing horizontally towards the sunrise, the max it gets is 0.04 at 77% sunlight. The biome thing doesn't seem to be true. I have two rovers a ways apart in the lowlands biome on Eve, and they report 5.28% and 6.18%. How are the ore percentages calculated, anyways? On the planet view it says ore is 2.5%, threshold is 80%, and then I'm in one of the still bright areas getting those numbers. Image of the rovers with the biomes debug turned on:
  9. Definitely not the case for me. Still screwed if I reload. And the flags on the jetpack of my EVA'd kerbal are glowing red with the temperature danger animation. And the rover is hopping. No clue what's happening.
  10. It's an OKTO2 with 4 panels on the sides facing outwards. The usage of just the core seems to be higher than the panels can produce except for sunrise and sunset, which wasn't a problem before. Looking it up, the OKTO2 is supposed to take 0.03, and the panels are definitely generating more than that.
  11. To add to that, if you change from atmospheric to vacuum in kerbal engineer you'll see the difference.
  12. Ah, good to know. Still testing the mission, so I'll just make a new save and try it legit. Thanks.
  13. Answered: single panels just suck. Can anyone confirm that the surface scanning module drains power? I have a small rover that seems to draw power when it's doing nothing, just sitting with brakes on. Only thing I can think of is the scanner, but it doesn't say anything in the description and has no way to disable it that I can see.
  14. Not quite sure what's happening, but I sink into the surface of Eve about 1/3 to 1/2 of a Kerbal. While moving around, the kerbal will pop up to normal height and back down, sometimes even getting the prompt to climb over. It's not just visual, it slows the Kerbal down and makes it jerk around a bit. For some reason it's made my rover stand on two wheels and not come down, while bouncing around a bit every once in a while. Anyone seen anything like this? I do have the following mods installed: Editor Extensions Kerbal Engineer HyperEdit MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock