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  1. Some of the music is royalty free, made by http://incompetech.com/ Here's one of the tunes:
  2. Innovative ideas here, I hope they are taken onboard. (I assume by 'Earth' you mean 'Kerbin'... otherwise most of the planets would be larger than Jool)
  3. This is a fantastic idea. Almost completely removes the problem of repetitive music. +1 supporter
  4. I love the addition of music in KSP, however, I feel that the whole thing needs a bit of polish. My Suggestions: * Each planet has its own musical score - We already have music for the VAB/SPH and outer space, so why not have a song for each celestial body? It needn't be out-of-this-world and prominent, just a subtle ambient tune would be lovely... *Transitions - Its extremely irritating when upon entering the atmosphere of Kerbin, the calming music just cuts-out and stops. A simple fade in/fade out is what I ask *Music changes as things happen - Yes, I know that most of the music used in KSP is stock, but Squad has already shown that they can compose music (IE - Main theme), thus, I think it'd be cool to have extra layers added to a track when certain things happen, for example, a drum-loop for when engines are firing (the throttle alters the volume of this, perhaps?) and a suspenseful chime when a part of a rocket explodes (& a small gameover sample for when your capsule is destroyed[?]). Anyway, I hope these suggestions are taken into account, and I also hope a strong future for this great game!