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  1. Every time I'm smashing through the atmosphere of a planet the chorus of this goes through my head.
  2. I think most people would agree it would bring... unwanted people to our happy little community. Anyone who knows about Pewds understands what his fans are like. On the lus side though, the stereotypical PDP fan wouldn't be the type to stay with a game with a learning curve as steep as KSP. Those who do stay can be salvaged into good members of the community. On an important side note though, Squad would get a lot of coverage and can make some money.
  3. Sorry! I looked through and didn't see this thread before posting.
  4. http://www.nbcnews.com/science/one-giant-leap-kerbalkind-spaceflight-sim-wins-geek-gift-award-2D11741994 I was looking at NBC's front page and found this little gem. That's some pretty nice recognition.
  5. Seeing a lot of questions that pop up regularly on the forums. glad they were able to be put to rest.
  6. I would love to hear what they are planning for .23.
  7. This link has some pretty good information as well http://www.braeunig.us/space/orbmech.htm
  8. I would love for a remote-tech type of functionality to eventually be added to the game.
  9. My theory is that the capsule "SAS" is just the kerbal inside throwing himself around to push the capsule.
  10. I' m trying to do almost the entire space program with minimal time warp (using Kerbal alarm clock) so I can wait as many orbits as necessary, so long as it is an unmanned flight, I just want to know If I can transfer immediately regardless of phase angle or delta V. as for tools I'm adjusting manually while using KER for numbers.
  11. M- drug references. Jeb has to be on something to always be smiling like that.
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