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  1. I found Jeb piloting an Eagle in Elite Dangerous. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463513240
  2. Heng - Great homage to Scott Manley. He would love that one.
  3. These are all really awesome. Alshain - That's very clever I would put it on my car. Plume & Akakak - That's funny, its almost dirty, which makes it even more funny Laie - I could see that on a car with a picture of a rocket, very nice. imaspacestation - Perfect T-shirt, its elegant. reminds me of something you would see on Thinkgeek.com
  4. Think of any slogan related to KSP that you would love to see on a bumper sticker or T-shirt. "I learned higher math's (ksp logo) from a video game" Would love to see one or more of these become a reality. I would promote it.
  5. Currently only running Kerbal Engineer and Kerbal Alarm Clock. I have noticed that on the Satellite launch to X orbit missions. If i launch and complete the contract in one go i have no issues. but should i launch the craft and put it into a non contract orbit. save my game and close then later return to the craft, my contract requirement of launch a new satellite is no longer checked for the craft. I can get the original craft into the right orbit, where it will mark off stable and correct orbit, but not the launch new. Could the two mods I'm running cause this? or do the contacts reset the objectives if i close my game?
  6. I can see your point cantab, i was thinking in general terms of extending the game time before maxing the tech tree. similar to other games that use tech tree's like age of empires and civ. but having buildings be part of a prerequisite for what can be built is still on the same lines as having the R&D center upgrades a prerequisite for what tech tree tier you can put science into. I use these ideas, because it does not require adding values that do not already exist. like part count limit or anything. Just felt it would be a simpler way of integrating building upgrades. Similar to how we did'nt want Kerbals affecting ship parts, we likely don't want buildings doing the same thing.
  7. Reading over these post and made me think about the upgrade of the VAB and tech tree. What if they could make a special tech tree for each version of the VAB? have to upgrade in order to research different parts. Example: First version of the Space Center, the tech tree only includes plane parts and basic rockets. The Tech tree could be one of a few tabs in the R&D Screen. to get to the next "grayed out" tab you have to upgrade parts of the space center.
  8. Mentioned this in another thread, but limited to IVA or as much as reasonable also increases the difficulty and can still be fun with the right mods such as RPM. adds a new level of design when building, where to put those cameras and what angles.
  9. Don't forget IVA only , helpful if you have RPM, but if your just twisted doing IVA only with the stock interior information. Difficulty increase by +10
  10. You could try a download program like http://getright.com/ Its old school but works well. if you lose connection it will pause its download and try again when internet connection resumes.
  11. I checked off the Hard mode and struggle to keep up on funds to pay for the parts after unlocking them with science. I used the admin building to convert Reputation into funds and science. So far i've enjoyed the progress. I have really tried to focus on planes over rockets for this go around. I had one low altitude plane testing parachutes, and found I could not reach 23000m to complete a contract, as i was using the first basic jet engines. So returning to the runway i was less then 500m over the runway and the wife looked over my shoulder and noticed my speed was 100m/s or there about and started to panic. "your going too fast!" i laughed it off and said, "oh yeah i have a parachute!" (keep in mind the test parachute was mounted in the nose). so activated the parachute as the plane started to flip tail first in a slow motion dramatic crash into the runway. Pilot survived amazingly and the runway was left with only a few scratches. Good times.
  12. Thanks for the secret feature of destructible buildings. Will be entertaining to avoid crashing in career mode, and great stress release in sandbox. Looking forward to the new admin building features, the flexible difficulty and additional space plane parts. After hearing the additional SP+ parts are becoming stock i downloaded the mod and love them. Can not picture myself playing without them now. Addicted. If exploding buildings is only a "minor" feature, i gasp to think what the .26 project could be. Thanks for all the effort so far.
  13. So maybe someone posting here will know. when KSP development speaks of releasing an update to the nav ball will it include a direction marker for docking? I installed the RPM and noticed my nav ball while IVA changed to have this useful red marker when docking that helps align to the correct direction while making 3D maneuver changes without the worry of pitch. Will this nav ball update include something like this? Regarding buildings being destroyed. Any feature added is good, when they stop adding features then the depression starts. I for one look forward to destructible buildings. As just the other night I had an SSTO returning during the cover of night, and landed on the runway just fine, but the rear of the plane started fish tailing which caused a crash. Had the destructible runway been active this could have really set my career back some funds. (no Kerbals where killed in the crash) I do not play with any aerodynamic modifications. Maybe i'm missing out but have yet to feel the over whelming need to change the stock mechanics when it comes to planes.
  14. I have a feeling the feature would have something to do with laying ground work for expanded kerbal stats. repeated crashing causes the kerbals stats to go down. Not sure what fun one would have in watching stats plummet unless that kerbal gets fired or something. Putting in mechanics that allow us to influence the stats could lead to the stats having a major function