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  1. our website is down for private reasons which hosted my files. i will reupload everything asap on another location. sorry for this.
  2. sorry for the late reply, busy busy busy :P i will look into adding some more light functions. also i will zip it for those people that cant/wont use .rar
  3. im sorry i've learned not make any promisses about release dates will be soon tho. at the moment it cannot, simply because it would not collide with the triggerbox infront of the part if the ladder would be next to it. i could howevver make the triggerbox larger to be able to repair from differant angles.
  4. i Added a Small random Breaking chance to the module while in overheat state. Which can only be repaired by an EVA mission. Repairing works with a triggerbox which means the kerbal in EVA needs to stay in front of the part during the complete repair period. I also changed the resources from hardcoded to variable state so the generator can be adjusted in the config file. These where the last functions i wanted to add to it i promise . please stop me from adding more . cleaning up code for release.
  5. added 2 gauges for fuel and temperature. added smoke particles when overheated. tweaked conserve/overload modes. scratched the solar panels idea.
  6. i handle the generator code manually which compares total electricity with total capacity to check if generation is needed so this wont be an issue. anyway i think realistic isnt the best option after all, it will probly overcomplicate things keeping in mind it needs to be kinda fun gamewise. plus majority of code is already done seen in video , which would mean a fresh project to have it realistic. so what im planning is this: Fuel: MonoPropellant (best option considering density,flowmode,storage), overload mode would consume faster fuel. Converting byproduct: opposite of overloadmode, uses byproduct + small amount of electricity to generate a small amount of fuel(MonoPropellant) this would lower the genRate slightly but can generate for a longer period.
  7. at the moment this does not require any fuel, since this whas origionaly created as a cheat in combination with a buffed ion engine to test parts in orbit/surface without having to build a large staged rocket. it grew out to be a realy nice looking radial generator and since then i've been adding animations and extra functions to it. i admit wanting to add some sort of fuel requirement to it, but i whas realy struggeling on how it could be plausible in the real world. so any suggestions are welcome. the xenon could be vented yes. but can i ask what the purpose would be ?. since the generator stops generating when full. does xenon have that many mass that it would make a differance ? (im not a scientist sorry ) maiby its a good idea to be able to use the byproduct as a fuel efficiency improver. instead of venting it using it to boost generation. as stated in the first quote this whas origionaly created to have exactly that purpose. the xenon product has the same genrate as electriccharge at the moment, you are correct though i will lower the byproduct genrate. also planning to add a solar panel to the part surface to have better fuel usage efficiency when sun is in range.
  8. Generates : ElectricCharge Consumes/Requires : MonoProppelant Byproduct : XenonGas Functionality OverLoad doubles the generation rate but generates heat aswell which will cause overheating. Conserve conserve fuel consumption. (generates less but has longer lifespan) Vent byproduct vent the byproduct in space. Discharge release electriccharge in space Overheating if maxTemp is reached the generator stops and will start to cool down, when fully cooled down it will resume. Now puffs small smoke particles. Small Breaking chance A very small random chance of breaking the generator when overheat. Which can only be repaired by an EVA mission. EVA Repair Repair only possible when EVA(Kerbal) interacts(holds position) for the full repair period. Needed repair time will be based on kerbal intelligence(stupidity = 0 = smartass). If EVA gets out of range(triggerbox) the repairs will halt untill EVA gets back in-range. Gauges Fuel Displays fuel level in a neat gauge. Temperature Displays temperature level in a neat gauge Led Indicators Blue indicator Overload/Conserve Mode On-Off State Indicator Yellow(Generator off) , Green(Generator on) , Blinking Red (Overheat) Charge Indicator Colored Cycle(Generating) , Green(storage full) , Blinking Red (Overheat) LedDisplay displays the total vessel ElectricCharge in a cool display All Led's charge/state and mode indicators will turn red while in broken state. Config Vars: OverHeating is based on part maxTemp. adjustable in cfg. genRate --adjustable the rate at which resource is produced (overwrites ModuleGenerator.genRate values). genHeatRate --adjustable the rate at which heat is produced. genByproduct --adjustable the rate at which byproduct is produced. genConversionRate --adjustable the rate at which fuel is re-produced. fuelconsumeRate --adjustable the rate at which fuel is consumed (in standard mode). MainResource --adjustable(dont forget ModuleGenerator needs to be adjusted aswell) Generated ResourceName. ByProductResource --adjustable(dont forget ModuleGenerator needs to be adjusted aswell) ByProduct ResourceName. FuelResource --adjustable(dont forget ModuleGenerator needs to be adjusted aswell) Consuming Fuel ResourceName. anim* --not adjustable (unless you know what your doing) these point to gameobjects and animations in the model. Working on: finishing repair formula. cleaning up code for release + license. Updated: Fuel Consumption. (MonoProppelant) Heatsink/sinkpipes now change color relative to the temperature instaid of only when overheated. Now puffs small smoke particles when overheated. Added fuel/temperature gauges. Added breaking possibility. Added repair function.
  9. for plugin development start with following this playlist those will give you the basics of plugin's for ksp. there are probly a lot more but this is where i learned the principles. this uses an older version of ksp but that wont hinder you since not much changes (for these tutorials). for cfg files: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/34013-0-20-PartTools-GameDatabase-and-new-features this could be usefull to. (still wip tho) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43561-WIP-KSP-part-cfg-file-writer-script-for-unity
  10. video edited with finished editor and better quality. The editor will probably be released as a seperate plugin/project. it will also be able to save/load projects and clips. p.s. as you can see in the video some bugs still need some work
  11. updated with video showing the editor.
  12. updated with a screenshot of in-game editor.
  13. due to some major progress on my other projects this has been on hold. i plan to combine this project with the result of another project which can be found here. EVA Animation im sorry about this.
  14. The plan is to create a fully working orbital/surface Science lab full of customizable racks(hopefully in collaboration with kaspar racks). Although in my opinion a rack needs to be operated and not instant science. So i figured a Kerbal in EVA should operate it, but the kerbal should have animations to look good. After a long and hard trial and error phase, finally i found a way to make Kerbals do custom animations. And im ready to showcase some working functions of custom animations for EVA. My in-game animation editor i created to help the creation of animation clips. The editor will probably be released as a seperate plugin/project. since the editor now resides from the rackmodule, which is not ideal.
  15. this issue has been solved. the animation rotation problem whas an weight issue.
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