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  1. Thanks, I've already found the according post in FAQ. - - - Updated - - - Oh, now I understand what is the reason. I've been thinking of the second solution, that uses only engines I have, without needing any other sepatrons. The still have weight. Well, thank you for quick reply!
  2. This time I thought to land on Duna using thing that looks like skycrane. And for the sake of comfort I want to make a button that will eject it after landing. I thought that action groups will be best instrument, but I was wrong... So, some screenshots with descriptions on Imgur: Can anyone explain me what did I do wrong, except using highly modded KSP? Honestly, I didn't check that on stock KSP, and I don't want to: too many things are installed.
  3. Sorry for a late response, but I've just downloaded it and everythig works perfectly! Once more: thanks for your amazing mod:)
  4. Thanks for a cool mod! I've seen it somewhere, but forgot its' name. [EDIT]: Well, I have installed it. I haven't even noticed that it's another toadicus's plugin! Bad part: there's something wrong with ToadicusTools.dll _and_ TweakableEverything. As you said, without TE everything works perfectly. So I have decided to comment all the TweakableDecouplers.cfg and everything is OK, except the decouplers aren't tweakable. Thanks!
  5. I've read several pages backwards and found no mentions on my bug: when I add any decouplers in VAB either in SPH, they behave very odd: they create effects as if they decouple every second. There's also blank icon on the staging order thing in the right bottom corner. Well, and the most important and bad thing: stack decouplers (I haven't checked this on radial ones) literally fall through the ship as if I forgot to connect them somehow to lower stage. Ah, and if I go EVA, poor Jeb jumps out of his landing can and lies on the ground with emotionless face, and my camera remains centered on the
  6. Well, it seems that after migrating to Curse this plgin no longer exists, so I decided to zip my plugin folder and make a mirror: here.
  7. It works for me in 0.24.2, but sometimes when I bring mouse over the staging icons some rare parts do not highlight. But it still works:)
  8. That's a really great mod! However there are some issues: 1. Visual bug: Engine fairings still remain of original size (e.g. I shrinked mainSail engine into 0.625m teritrarySail, but it still draws an unbelievably big fairing around my satellite xD) 2. An incompatibility: mechJeb shows weird TWR and times. You should definitely add a characteristics preview beneath sizeChanger bar. 3. Annoying bug: Having too many shrinked parts on your vessel (especially from NASA to .625) makes your flight camera behave oddly - it thinks that rocket is much longer and moves some meters downwards. As a resul
  9. I'm really glad to hear you've figured out how to make it working again! Good luck! That's really an awesome mod, one of a kind!
  10. As for me, I use long H-shaped beams every 7.5-10 meters and LOTS of strut connectors between these beams and each part (excluding radial-mountable batteries and fuel tanks:)) This helps to remove wobbling, and these beams are very useful for placing additional RCS fuel (in small white spheres) and RCS thrusters, but the rocket become a bit uglier. You can also place beams on decouplers that don't leave visible joints. Also, reducing size of parts is not a panacea - you'll have to rescale the whole Kerbol system and gravitational constant xD
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