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  1. one time I found a kidney shaped crater with a canyon
  2. Well it moves faster because it's at a shorter distance and contributes to kerbals having a 6 hour day
  3. don't worry your not alone we are all addicted
  4. isn't it in through your nose out through your mouth though I feel the opposite about interplanetary travel it just really excites me
  5. well I don't call it skydiving I call it an emergency ejection for a very important reason
  6. i started in .20 though I played the demo for months 1.my first rocket didn't even get off the Launchpad 2.my first orbit I was jumping around in victory 3. my first landing I felt amazed that I could land on mun it took me so long.
  7. wow this is amazing kerbal history for the win
  8. I know you are probably busy but if you could do one called Kerbollo 35, Motto: We finally made it. With Jebediah Kerman's name too. And for the picture how about a mk1 pod with landing legs on the mun. Im sorry if this is to much. Thanks!
  9. Yeah eeloo would be a moon of gas giant two
  10. 420: the first plane is invented as the winged craft goes flying off the cliff face and into the water