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  1. Due to popular demand, jetpacks have become a usable part that will come into play in accessing certain areas rather than a quest only item. This "release" should be considered somewhat experimental. Compromises have been made intentionally between realism, fun, and functionality, and we want to see how we've been doing across a wider audience. Important: Another few reasons we consider this release experimental: - Sometimes you may not be able to save or leave the scene cleanly on a hard landing. - If the Kerbal is knocked from the seat during a hard landing you may lose control of the Kerba
  2. I always enjoy watching people who know nothing about code engage in discussions about code, lol. Good luck with this project, would be kind of neat to have KSP as a LAN option.
  3. Unity should split the Ngon face automatically, same as quads.
  4. I was kind of worried even that wouldn't work, lol. Does it completely destroy the illusion of 4 separate legs? That is what I was worried about mainly. I don't think there is a way to stop the wobble. My packs are just using a simple box and still do that, unless you set them down kinda hard, and then I think you just don't see it. @Disarming, part colliders pretty much have to be convex. They "work" when they're not, but not very well, and they're a much bigger hit performance wise.
  5. That is definitely weird then. Almost this same thing just happened to me two days ago on one of my own textures after I mapped it for specularity. The black parts in game were the fully transparent sections of the alpha channel.
  6. In the window that shows Layers is a Channels tab. Turn off visibility for Red, Green, and Blue so you can look at just the alpha. Is it greyscale, or black and transparent?
  7. Look in GIMP at the alpha channel itself. Fully transparent on there can render black in game if using a specular shader.
  8. I am thinking this idea may make it land a little funny, but if you don't mind yet another test, try animating a single large collider along with the legs rather than individual colliders for each leg just to see if it makes a difference. I begin to wonder if the issue is the 4 colliders "pushing against each other", for lack of a more descriptive phrase, and causing a pincher effect holding you to the the terrain.
  9. ATTN: We have some amazing talent in the coding and geometry departments, but we really need a dedicated texture artist or two. There are a wide range of things to be painted; structural, organic, high tech, natural, a little bit of everything really. We could use some more help in this department as the workload is currently pretty high for those doing it (most are also modelling at the same time). Prior experience is a massive plus, though not really a requirement. It is imperative that you show some work you've actually done though, but said work doesn't have to be a texture. Basically, we
  10. Hmm, how about... Does the thrust collide with the foot collider? I didn't think this mattered if they are part of the same part, but maybe something with the animation module is changing that?
  11. No problem. PS; As long as any mesh colliders you use have the "Convex" option checked they'll work. It is "better" to use a primitive if at all possible though. The game seems to handle primitives a lot more carefully than mesh, ie, a box collider will rarely get stuck in the ground while mesh colliders are notorious for doing so. The whole process is really just a lot of playing around to get to what works best for a given part, so you're on the right track there.
  12. Are you using mesh colliders for the landing legs? Try a sideways capsule, or even just a box. This is a great looking part btw. Would love to see more multipurpose service extensions to simplify lander builds. No one really goes out of their way to abuse modules in the way they should be. If you've seen the KerbolQuest thread, that jetpack is actually my baby, and I will say, it uses just about every module in the game on that one part, haha.
  13. You *can* skip Unity via .dae files, but most things don't work very well that way, especially engines. Check out some of the Unity tutorials, it is very easy to use, and free. What you are missing is a "thrustTransform" to tell the game where, and in which direction, it should apply the thrust of the engine.
  14. The log will tell you flat out if it "crashed" on the mu or cfg file, no need to guess. That said, the cfg is the problem from what I see. Look at the existing files from Squad. If you're making a new tank you can pretty much copy an existing file and then just change the part name and tweak whatever other settings you want to fit your part. At the very least this should help you find where you've gone wrong thus far. Many tutorials contain some fairly dated information. Also, you do not need to match cfg name to Unity name for the part itself. "name=something" just defines the name KSP will u
  15. Afaik the particle exporter is just broken in Part Tools, or at least, that's what I have been told by someone I trust to know the answer (Razchek). Unity automatically applies your modifiers coming out of Blender, so you can always keep your modifier stack un-applied for future tweaking. I dunno about other programs though. Another way to get around over smoothing is to break the mesh up into pieces. Separated edges will render sharp, and then you can use a different edge split angle for each "group" that way.
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